• Author: Andrea Alonso

    Helipuerto Capital – Montes Urales (HUM)

    Located at Calle Monte Urales near Mexico’s business district of Polanco, Helipuerto Capital is the main heliport of Ciudad de Mexico and one 84 active helipads in the region you can use with Flapper. Helipad Features Certified for night flight operations ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter in Mexico City and Toluca

    Home to more than 70% of the Mexican private jet fleet, Toluca is the main business aviation hub in Central America. Together with neighboring Mexico City (CDMX) it concentrates the highest number of both fixed-wing operations, as well as ... Read more »

    Helicopter Charter in Mexico City and Toluca

    Our team offers on-demand helicopter charters between Toluca International Airport and Mexico City, as well as the nearby airports of Felipe Ángeles (NLU, MMSM) and Benito Juárez (MEX, MMMX), the latter equipped in a dedicated heliport.