• EBTA Card At Flapper: How To Pay For Your Executive Flight?

    Aircraft Charter / EBTA Card At Flapper: How To Pay For Your Executive Flight?

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    If you are familiar with the aviation industry, you have certainly heard about the EBTA card. Intended exclusively for the purchase of airline tickets in Brazil, this centralized payment system, developed by American Express, allows to concentrate all tickets of travelers authorized by the company in a single account number.

    The American Express EBTA Account (Enhanced Business Travel Account) is a virtual payment method – credit card account – and is able to centralize all expenses on the same invoice and due date.

    Main advantages

    Because it is a centralized system, the EBTA card allows total expense management, with security and convenience. The travel manager or the person responsible for the company’s business trips can collect all expenses with airline tickets, whether they are employees or service providers, in a single account. You can choose the due date that best fits your travel management, with 23 options available, such as monthly, biweekly or every ten days.

    With management statements, all details regarding the purchase of airline tickets can be accessed and controlled, and American Express Account EBTA also offers, at no additional cost, personal accident, luggage, medical and hospital expenses abroad, personalized service 24 hours a day and emergency assistance, with support for travel agents in issuing insurance tickets – fundamental factors for security and to guarantee the duty of care for business travelers.

    In addition to being a virtual card, without the use of plastic, the EBTA card has no annual fee, issues on-line slips and grants the possibility of making direct debit for payment. It also has integration with the companies management systems and is accepted on all reservation platforms, interesting advantages since there are different management tools available on the market.

    How to pay with EBTA card on Flapper?

    Flapper is the first company in the executive aviation sector to accept payments by Bradesco virtual card, 100% on-line, with the American Express EBTA card. According to an internal survey by the air taxi company, up to 70% of commercial flights for large corporate customers are purchased using this means of payment.

    The process for paying for airline tickets for Flapper’s approved partners’ flights or for chartering an aircraft with the EBTA card is simple. The first step is the customer’s acceptance of the addendum signature, authorizing us to receive payments from Bradesco’s EBTA card.

    After signing the supplement to the initial contract, it is important to be aware of the fact that the customer will need to place the order via the travel agency and not directly with Flapper. Thus, the agency will purchase air tickets using the contractor’s own corporate card.

    Upon receiving the American Express EBTA Account number, the customer must contact the Member Support Service to unlock the account. Payments for companies that are in the unrelated professional services industry (code 8999) must then be authorized with the bank issuing the EBTA card.

    Flapper will simultaneously receive the EBTA account number, thus facilitating the process of using the EBTA card when paying for air taxi services. From the moment of release by the company, we will be able to make the customer’s receipts.

    To request an EBTA card, simply go to the Bradesco Corporate website, fill out the form and wait for the bank to contact you to talk about the benefits of the account and how to open it. The procedure to start paying Flapper’s partner fleet and charter operations via American Express Bradesco’s EBTA Account is uncomplicated and the advantages of using this payment method, ranging from reconciled invoice to travel insurance, will help save time and concentrate resources in the most critical and strategic daily tasks of those who manage business trips.

    About Flapper

    Flapper is Brazil’s first boutique executive aviation airline and a regional leader in charter services. Our partner fleet has 350 aircraft certified by ANAC in Brazil and more than 4000 abroad. We are excellent in executive flights, cargo transportation and aeromedical flights.

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