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    Aircraft Charter / Fortaleza – Jericoacoara by private jet. The guide for upscale travellers

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    Boasting one of Brazil’s top-ranked beaches and the world-famous Emerald Sunset, Jericoacoara is surely the most iconic destination of the northeastern state of Ceará. Nicknamed Jeri, this laid back resort town sits inside a national park and constitutes a popular choice among Premium travellers from all around the world, especially those with a special interest in kite- and wind surfing.

    Within the last five years, the number of foreign visitors to Jeri has nearly tripled, prompting the construction of the first airstrip in the region and a number of five-star resorts. The newly-built (2017) airport is named after Captain Ariston Pessoa – the father of brothers Ariston Filho and Joaquim, who both run one of the leading air taxi companies in the region, and whom I had a chance to meet in 2018.

    The Fortaleza (FOR, SBFZ) – Jericoacoara (JJD, SBJE) route

    The distance between Fortaleza International Airport (IATA: FOR, ICAO: SBFZ) and Jericoacoara Regional Airport (IATA: JJD, ICAO: SBJE) is 223 km (roughly 139 miles or 120 nm). Compared to a rather rough 4 to 7 hour long journey in a car / van, private air transportation emerges as the most convenient way of reaching Jericoacoara. Flying in a private jet or a turbo-prop guarantees spectacular views from the very first moment you take-off from the Fortaleza airport.

    Some common travel times between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara for the charter aircraft located in capital city of Ceará are as follows:

    • Light jet Citation CJ4: 20 minutes
    • Twin-engine turboprop King Air B200: 33 minutes
    • Twin-engine turboprop King Air C90: 41 minutes
    • Twin-engine turboprop Cheyenne I: 43 minutes
    • Twin-engine piston Baron 58: 45 minutes
    • Single-engine turboprop Caravan: 59 minutes

    The Fortaleza – Jericoacoara route is known for strong winds, so you might want to add an extra 5-8 minutes to your itinerary to guarantee a timely arrival. The CJ4 jet clearly constitutes the fastest and the most Premium option available in the region. But before I present you with all available aircraft, let’s take a look at both airports.

    Departure: General Aviation Terminal in Fortaleza

    Fortaleza International Airport - General Aviation Terminal
    Entrance to Air Taxi Terminal (General Aviation Terminal) of Fortaleza International Airport

    The General Aviation Terminal is located on the opposite side of the Commercial Terminal. You can get to the terminal in either of two ways:

    • Request a van transfer from the commercial terminal to the executive terminal. The service is subject to availability and has to be requested beforehand, especially during night flights or high season;
    • Take a private transfer to general aviation terminal (around 10 minutes).

    The legacy of the old commercial terminal is clearly visible and although the venue lacks fancy infrastructure, it can be considered secure and efficient.

    One of the Executive Lounges used by our clients at the General Aviation Terminal of Fortaleza International Airport.

    In general, all passengers must enter through the common entrance located at Rua Jorge Acurcio 1505. Passengers of flights served by the Caravan Grand, King Air C90, or Cheyenne can be attended through a separate entrance located 100 meters before the main gate. From there on, just one quick security check and you’ll be ready to enter a VIP lounge of one of five executive hangars located at the terminal.

    • Opening hours: the airport operates 24/7. Please consult whether selected aircraft can conduct night flight operations.

    Arrival: Jericoacoara Regional Airport

    Jericoacoara Regional Airport
    Jericoacoara Regional Airport receives both scheduled commercial flights, as well as executive charter flights.

    The Captain Ariston Pessoa airport is located some 30 km away from the town of Jericoacoara and can be further reached by either executive transport (R$240 per car) or taxi (R$60).

    The airport surroundings lack Internet signal, so we strongly recommend booking and confirming all services before your departure to guarantee timely service.

    On the return, executive aviation clients are normally greeted by the pilots at the main terminal and after going through a quick security check, they are directed straight to the runway, where the aircraft awaits their departure.

    • Opening hours: 6:00 am
    • Closing hours: 11:30 pm

    Private jet or turbo-prop charter on the Fortaleza – Jericoacoara route

    In the below section, I will explore selected options for charter flights in Fortaleza. You can use Flapper’s on-demand charter booking engine to make your selection and explore more details about a given aircraft.

    As of April 2018, there were 18 aircraft available for charter in Fortaleza, with at least 3 more awaiting certification by ANAC. The current, Part 132-certified fleet includes 1 jet, 3 helicopters, 10 turbo-props, and 4 pistons.

    The available options vary from a cost-effective Seneca II, with space for 5 people, to a regional turbo-propeller Bandit (18 pax), to a luxury light jet Citation CJ4 (7 pax). There are currently 10 companies with a valid air taxi operator certificate in Fortaleza – by those means, the city constitutes the third largest market for air taxi operations in Brazil. Let’s take a closer look at the fleet:

    Seneca II (3 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1980 (refurbished: 2014). Capacity: 5 passengers. Type: Piston

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 51 minutes

    Produced by Embraer, the Seneca II model is the most popular executive piston aircraft in Brazil. With a space for up to 5 passengers and the lowest charter price from among all the available aircraft in the region, it provides you with the best value for money flying on the Fortaleza – Jericoacoara route.

    The aircraft has two luggage compartments, one in the nose and the other one in the back, and can accommodate 45 kg of luggage in each slot (4 mid-size bags). This upgraded version 810C is equipped with new control systems and stabilizers, ensuring greater safety and comfort during the flight.

    Cheyenne I (1 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1980 (refurbished: 2012). Capacity: 5 passengers. Type: Turbo-prop

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 43 minutes

    This improved version of the well-spoken Piper Navajo comes equipped with new PT6A engines and a wider fuselage. The Cheyenne I has room for 4 passengers in a club seating configuration and an additional door-facing seat. For shorter routes, such as Fortaleza – Jericoacoara, the fifth seat can generally serve as a common seat.

    With a rear luggage compartment of 0.62 m³ (22 ft³) and a front compartment of 0.56 m³ (20 ft³), the Cheyenne can carry up to 227 kg of luggage (sufficient for 5 passengers with large bags). The PA-31T1 has a very good safety record thanks to its powerful motors and ease of maintenance.

    Baron 58 (1 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1978 (refurbished: 2014). Capacity: 5 passengers. Type: Piston

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 45 minutes

    Considered one of the world’s best-selling twin-engine aircraft, Baron has a fair price tag and constitutes an entry-level option for simple executive transfers to Jericoacoara.

    The happy combination of factors like structural strength and plenty of power available on the two Continental-made engines makes Baron 58 faster and more comfortable than its main competitor: Seneca. Luggage space? Sufficient for 4 bags, 15kg each.

    Caravan 208 (1 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1985 (refurbished: 2016). Capacity: 8 passengers. Type: Turbo-prop

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 59 minutes

    In Grand Caravan, utility and flexibility come before sophistication. With Cessna’s unprecedented luggage space and impeccable security records, your next vacation in Jericoacoara is just a takeoff away.

    This 208 features a simple cabin design and is homologated for 8 passengers. The luggage compartment accommodates up to 30 kg of baggage per person. Thanks to its low-altitude level cruise, passengers flying Caravan enjoy exceptional panoramic views of the Ceará coast.

    King Air C90 (3 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1994 (refurbished: 2018). Capacity: 6 passengers. Type: Turbo-prop

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 41 minutes

    Small but exquisite, King Air C90 is the most popular option for the executive transfers between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara. Model C90 is especially known for its safety, economy, and comfortable cabin, with a space for 4 (club setting) + 2 (extra seats in the tail) passengers.

    With a spacious interior, it provides enough headroom and shoulder space for every passenger. It’s faster than Seneca or Cheyenne and has an internal luggage compartment of 1.4m³ – sufficient for 6 garment bags.

    King Air A200 (1 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1979 (refurbished: 2017). Capacity: 5 passengers. Type: Turbo-prop

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 33 minutes

    Evolved from the well-versed C90, King Air 200 is a staple of the turbo-propeller charter business. With more space, more power, and longer range, B200 is ideal for clients seeking a VIP experience on the Fortaleza – Jericoacoara route.

    This particular A200 features a special configuration with a side-facing sofa and four seats in club setting and is homologated for 5 passengers. The internal luggage compartment has enough space for 7 garment bags, with a total capacity of 1.6m³ / 55ft³.

    Embraer Bandeirante 110P1 (2 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 1985 (refurbished: 2017). Capacity: 18 passengers. Type: Regional turbo-prop

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 39 minutes

    The latest version of the well-spoken Bandeirante was fitted with the more powerful Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines and a wider fuselage, capable of accommodating up to 18 passengers. Known for its high reliability, this aircraft is a great choice for larger tour groups, looking for a more economical charter option on the Fortaleza – Jericoacoara route.

    As an unpressurized aircraft, Bandeirante flies at a lower altitude, ensuring better views. The luggage space is limited to one garment bag and one check-in bag for each passenger.

    Citation CJ4 (1 aircraft available)

    Year of make: 2012. Capacity: 7 passengers. Type: Light jet

    Flight time Fortaleza – Jericoacoara: 20 minutes

    A beautiful leather interior, an entertainment system, and a fully-stocked galley are just some of the hidden features of this exceptional light jet. With a cruising speed of 835km/h, flying the CJ4 to Jericoacoara Airport is just over 20 minutes!

    A longer cabin allows for more legroom. Add to it an optional lavatory, exceptionally silent cabin, and foldable tables, and a complete image of one of the most desired business jets in Brazil emerges.

    About Safety

    Brazilian ANAC-certified air taxi operations are accompanied with the highest safety standards, often exceeding those imposed by the FAA’s Part 135 air charter regulations. This includes rigid maintenance standards, safety checks, and appropriate infrastructure requirements. Please read my other blog article about Part 135 safety standards here: Is it safer to fly in an air-taxi certified airplane?

    I have personally flown some of the aircraft above and met with the crew of every single air taxi company in Fortaleza. You can request detailed information about the liability insurance, Air Carrier Certificate, Airworthiness Certificate and an Annual Maintenance Inspection Certificate directly with our team at Charter Support.

    Avoid clandestine air taxi flights by all means. The unregulated flights currently correspond to a majority of all accidents in Brazil and constitute a great danger to the executive aviation market.

    About Flapper

    Flapper is Brazil’s first boutique private airline and a regional leader for charter flights. Our partner fleet counts 350 aircraft in Brazil and more than 4000 elsewhere. We are known for our passion for excellence and technology innovation. It’s a pleasure to serve you.

    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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