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    Aircraft Charter / Air Taxi in Campinas: Discover the Available Options

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    It is wrong who thinks that Campinas is just a city in the interior of São Paulo with some relevance. The municipality is, in fact, one of the largest in Brazil in several aspects, being considered not only as a regional industrial pole, but also as a strong nucleus of the Brazilian scientific produção. Due to these characteristics, the air taxi in Campinas has been increasingly sought by researchers, executives and other relevant figures of local life.

    In relation to the state, the city is the third largest, behind only the capital of São Paulo and Guarulhos. In terms of country, Campinas is the fourteenth largest city in population and the eleventh in gross domestic product (GDP), according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). These data made the municipality the first non-capital to gain the metropolis ticket.

    The main sector of the local economy is the tertiary, mainly concentrated in the segments of trade, services, education and health. The peasant industry is also extremely relevant. About a third of São Paulo’s industrial production is in the city, which has high-tech industries and a metallurgical park – hence the nickname Of Brazilian Silicon Valley.

    Available Airports in Campinas

    The main local airport is Viracopos/Campinas International Airport (VCP; SBKP), the largest international in the interior of São Paulo. Being only 95 kilometers from São Paulo, the airfield serves not only the “campineiros”, but the one that goes to the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.

    Viracopos is also, by surface, the largest air cargo center in South America. A survey conducted by the Customs Of the Internal Revenue Service, in 2020, indicated that the airport is the main gateway of products by air in Brazil, evidencing its economic and logistical relevance in the national industrial production chain.

    There is a second airfield in the northern area of Campinas: the Campo dos Amarais State Airport (CPQ; SDAM), intended for small aircraft, receiving piloting courses at the  local aeroclub and the operation of executive jets and air taxi in Campinas. Since 2017, it has been managed by the private sector.

    Air Taxi in Campinas: Suggestions for Routes

    Check out below some of the most sought after routes by flapper’s clients from Campinas and suggestions of aircraft to fly them.

    Campinas – Rio de Janeiro

    Model: King Air B200

    Passengers: Up to 8

    Flight time: 1h10

    Campinas – Angra dos Reis

    Model: Airbus EC-135P2+

    Passengers: Up to 5

    Flight time: 1h40

    Campinas – Ilhabela

    Model: Sikorsky S-76A

    Passengers: Up to 12

    Flight time: 53 minutes

    Aircraft Options

    Get to know in detail, below, helicopters and airplanes available for air taxi in Campinas and get acquaint yourself with the services flapper can provide you.

    Airbus EC 135P2+

    Comfortably accommodating five passengers in the main cabin, plus a person in the front seat, this Airbus is the most economical twin-engine helicopter in its class, in addition to one of the lightest. Thus, this model is known for its low noise levels, versatility and high load capacity. The EC 135P2+ is equipped with the modern Helionix avionics system and high-performance rotors, guaranteed more safety for flight – no matter what, it is considered the most cautious aircraft in its class, being allowed to fly in the Grand Canyon in the USA, where there is a strict noise limitation.

    Sikorsky S-76A

    This other twin engine has the highest functional cabin in its class, and can carry up to 12 passengers comfortably. One of the main features are its standards of excellence among offshore transport helicopters. It also stands out for incorporating technological advances that provide more security and performance day after day, mission after mission. For its versatility, it is ideal for various itineraries, but it is widely used for long-distance flights and transfers to Buzios, Ilhabela and Cabo Frio.

    King Air B200

    With more space, more power and greater range than competing turboprops, this Beechcraft aircraft is ideal for codeshare and executive charters, especially on flights to smaller airports. About it, they say it is the aircraft that “goes anywhere, anytime”. There are up to eight passengers, four of them in club seating configuration, with light leather armchairs, retractable tables and extra leg room. Its cabin is quiet and spacious and its safety record is exceptional. It is the only turboprop authorized to transport the US President in an emergency.

    Citation CJ1

    The Cessna plane can be summed up in three words: simplicity, economy and performance. The latest version is equipped with EFIS avionics and accommodates even cinco passengers. Its range is relatively short, being more used for business trips through major Brazilian cities. Due to its performance, this executivo jet can land on short runways when with up to four people.

    Phenom 300

    The Embraer Phenom 300 was developed from the phenomenal and celebrated 100 model, but with faster, space and economy than its predecessor. The aircraft is the result of the company’s innovative design and meticulous construction. Its cabins are large and illuminated, making this option a new standard for short and medium-haul executive flights.

    Book Your Campinas Air Taxi With Flapper

    For business, research, or leisure, visiting the interior of São Paulo will be easier with Flapper. With us , your experience with air taxi in Campinas will be safe, practical, agile and unforgettable.

    That’s because Flapper works with the best partners to make sure every flight is special. Forget the terminals, queues, hours and hours of waiting: with a few clicks, you charter a plane or helicopter for your next trip.

    Simply log into our website or app to access the quotes platform. In it, you can customize boarding and disembarkation locations, date and time, and the desired aircraft models. Explore our options and opt for the one that best fits your reality!

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