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    Aircraft Charter / Air Taxi In Curitiba – Discover The Available Options

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    Curitiba is an important market for air taxi, principally because it is one of the main cities in Brazil for travel and corporate events, together with São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

    This article provides an overview of the airports, other principal points of arrival and departure, and the aircraft available for executive aviation in the capital of Paraná, along with other information regarding routes and pricing. 

    What Are The Most Common Embarkation And Disembarkation Points?

    In Curitiba, Bacacheri (BFH, SBBI) is the main general aviation hub of the city. The Afonso Pena International Airport (CWB, SBCT) is also an important point of embarkation and disembarkation. The two smaller aerodromes located in the capital of Paraná – Aeroclube Graciosa (SISY) and Ultraleve Clube (SSUL) – can only receive helicopters in the air taxi mode.

    The most popular helipads are Parque Barigui (SSBP) and Palazzo Luini (SSLU). Close to Curitiba is Thorus (SWGE) and Escola de Aviação Sikorsky (SSCY). While most helicopter flights take off from Bacacheri and Parque Barigui, customers can choose from almost 20 helipads, including several private ones. The Rihad Palace Hotel (SJRL), for example, can even receive customers directly on its helipad.

    Air Taxi In Curitiba: Available options

    On the Flapper platform you will find the best aircraft options available for air taxi in Curitiba. Three helicopter models (Robinson R44, JetRanger, and Airbus Esquilo) and eight types of turboprop and piston aircraft, ranging from Seneca II and Cheyenne II to King Air C90GTX and King Air 200. The region also has the Learjet jet 40, the only one in the south of Brazil.

    Robinson R44

    With a compact size, this helicopter is very quiet and offers clear visibility for all passengers. It features a redesigned rotor system and electronic fuel injection, which ensures better aerodynamics and more power at high altitudes.

    Bell 206 JetRanger

    The model has five leather seats spaced apart – four for passengers and one for the pilot – and is great for transportation both in the city and inter-cities. One advantage is that the JetRanger cabin offers extra legroom for taller passengers. In addition, a set of three BOSE headphones allows easy communication between passengers during the flight.

    Eurocopter AS350

    The Airbus helicopter known as Esquilo accommodates four passengers in the rear seats and one beside the pilot. One of the largest single-engine models in its class, it is ideal for corporate transport and tourism. All seats are facing the front, allowing travelers to enjoy the panoramic view through the large windows. This aircraft is mainly appreciated for its durability, heavy payload, and cost savings.

    Seneca II

    Embraer’s twin-engine, which is the most popular piston executive plane in Brazil, is equipped with new control systems and stabilizers, which guarantee greater safety and comfort during the flight. The model is used for short trips and operation on short runways, dirt or grass, and accommodates up to five passengers, with autonomy of five hours of flight.

    Cheyenne II

    The Piper Cheyenne family of corporate turboprop aircraft is based on the popular piston twins Navajo and Chieftain. The model is ideal for those who want to have a unique experience of flying a turboprop plane, with all the safety and ease.

    King Air C90GTX

    King Air is the most popular turboprop for short- and medium-distance executive flights. The C90 model is especially known for its safety, economy, and ability to land on unpaved runways. With a wide interior, it offers space for four passengers in a club seat layout and two extra passengers in the rear section of the aircraft.

    King Air B200

    Because it has more space, more power, and greater range, the B200 is ideal for shared flights and executive charters, especially for small local airports. The aircraft has a side-facing seat, two in the rear and four special seats, all with leather trim. Four of the passengers can enjoy folding tables and extra legroom. A curiosity is that, today, it is the only turboprop certified to transport the President of the United States in an emergency.

    Learjet 40

    This plane offers a cabin equipped with swiveling reclining seats, tables, and a kitchen. It comfortably accommodates up to six passengers in a club seat configuration plus an arrangement. In addition, the already spacious external luggage compartment is complemented by an additional 15 cubic feet of internal storage.

    In the Curitiba-Florianópolis quote, for example, the highlights of the available options can be seen in this link.

    How much does air taxi cost in Curitiba?

    We present (one-way) quotes made on the Flapper platform on some routes. Charters can start at R $ 10,000 and exceed R $ 250,000, depending on the chosen trip and aircraft. See some examples below:

    Why is it safe?

    Our partner fleet of aircraft available for charters in Curitiba offers 23 planes and helicopters, including the modern King Air C90GTX (year 2011) and B200 (year 2003), equipped with the most modern avionics in the market. Flapper and its partners operate under high security standards: we are the only company in Brazil that has Wyvern Broker and ARGUS Registered certificates.

    In addition, as a leader in charter flights on demand, we offer the best range of services and have expertise in carrying out all types of domestic and international flights, including the most sophisticated. In our online quotation system, it is possible to make quotes in real time or, in case of questions or the need for further clarification, send an email to support@flapper.aero to consult other services offered by our local team.

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