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    Aircraft Charter / Air Taxi in Fortaleza: Know the Available Options

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    Find out how executive aviation can help you discover the best of what the capital of Ceará has to offer.

    Fortaleza is a city that offers the best of both worlds. The capital of Ceará unites a sunny coastline with a mild sea and an urban structure that owes nothing to the main Brazilian cities. The municipality is, after all, considered the ninth richest in the country when the topic is the Gross Domestic Product, being the first in the Northeast, in addition to being the second most sought after destination by tourists internally. Due to its infrastructure, the air taxi in Fortaleza is one of the best mobility options for those who want to get to know the region.

    The city has even emerged in business tourism and events, hosting fairs, congresses, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, and shows. This dimension of Fortaleza grew from the moment the city hosted the 6th summit of the BRICS – a group that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — the second largest in all of Latin America. In this segment, the city also has the traditional Fortaleza Convention Center.

    In terms of tourism, Fortaleza stands out in not only receiving Brazilians, but also attracting many foreigners. The Beach Park, in the metropolitan area, is one of the first attractions that come to mind when we think of the city. It is one of the main water parks in the country – in a tourist complex that includes three resorts, a hotel, restaurants, bars, shops, and beach huts.

    In the central part of the city lay the beaches of Iracema, Mucuripe, and Meireles, which, despite their beauty, are not suitable for swimming (although a walk on Avenida Beira Mar is a favorite among tourists and locals). The center possesses a large portion of the available hotels, and movement is intense throughout the day. Only ten minutes away is Praia do Futuro – whose beauty was portrayed in a homonymous film. Its long stretch of sand, its natural pools, and all the local structure make it, in the eyes of many, the best beach in Fortaleza.

    The capital of Ceará also serves as a base for those who want to discover the exuberant scenery of the beaches of Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada – which are, respectively, in the cities of Jijoca de Jericoacoara and Aracati. The two destinations are the most sought after on the coast of Ceará and can be accessed via air taxi in Fortaleza.

    Air Taxi in Fortaleza: Airports

    The main airport not only in the capital, but in all of Ceará and the Northeast Region, is the Fortaleza International Airport – Pinto Martins (FOR; SBFZ). It is just 9 kilometers from the city center, 11 kilometers from the Ceará Events Center, and 12 kilometers from the main hotel hub.

    Its passenger terminal was modernized in the last decade, in an investment initiated by Infraero and later taken over by the private sector. Today, the former airport terminal operates small flights, executive aviation, and air taxi in Fortaleza.

    Those who go to beaches in other parts of the state can land, for example, at the Comandante Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport, better known as Jericoacoara Airport (JJD; SBJE), although it is in the neighboring municipality of Cruz. Those who go to Canoa Quebrada beach use the Regional Airport of Canoa Quebrada Dragão do Mar (ARX; SBAC), in Aracati, where at most medium-sized planes can land.

    Which Aircraft to Choose?

    Regardless of the departure aerodrome and the destination cities, Flapper has several partners able to offer a wide range of available aircraft. Check out some of the options below.

    Learjet 31A

    This aircraft can climb to an altitude of 14 kilometers in just 28 minutes, a mark that surpasses that of any popular private jet. No wonder the powerful and safe Learjet 31A is often called “the Porsche of heaven” — an excellent option for those who have speed and comfort as their priorities.

    King Air C90

    Small but refined, this turboprop is the most popular option for short and medium-haul business flights. As a differential, the C90 model is recognized for its safety, economy, and ability to land on unpaved runways, ideal for accessing more hidden destinations. The spacious interior accommodates four passengers in a club seat layout, plus two extra seats in the rear section.

    Airbus AS350B

    Also known as the Squirrel, this helicopter has improved engines, superior maneuverability and visibility, and carries up to five passengers, all with forward-facing seats. With hundreds of units built between the 1980s and 1990s, the Esquilo B is still considered one of the most popular single-engines ever made. Inside, there are leather seats, air conditioning, and headphones for a comfortable experience. Its large windows offer excellent panoramic visibility, a differential when traveling along the coast. All this with an above-average perception of safety, thanks to the adjustable energy-absorbing seats and low-vibration cabin.

    Seneca III

    This aircraft developed by Embraer causes that pleasant sensation of being bigger on the inside than it appeared to be on the outside. Recognized as one of the most popular planes in Brazil, the Seneca III is ideal for small trips and operations on short, dirt, or grass runways. The model’s new engines ensure better climbing and cruise performance, in such a way that the aircraft has the best cost-benefit ratio in its category, accommodating up to five passengers and having a autonomy of 5 hours.

    Cheyenne II

    This turboprop corporate plane belongs to the Piper Cheyenne family, based on the popular Navajo and Chieftain piston planes. This version is more refined and developed than the original models, making it ideal for those looking for a unique experience of flying a turboprop aircraft with total safety and ease.

    Beechcraft 58

    Also known as the Baron 58, this plane is one of the best-selling light twin-engine planes in the world, often chosen by farmers and leisure customers as the means of transport for visits to farms and short-runway airfields. Its success is mainly due to a combination of factors such as structural strength and a lot of power available in both engines, rendering this option as faster and more comfortable than its main competitors.

    Caravan 208A

    This first Caravan model has a simple cabin design with nine seats, spread over three double rows and three single rows of windows. With considerable luggage space and the ability to land anywhere, the Caravan 208A can be the ideal choice for enjoying a coastal vacation.

    Most Popular Routes

    Find out the price and estimated duration for some of the most sought after routes by those using air taxi services in Fortaleza – whether to visit the Ceará coast and other northeastern beaches, or to access other important centers.

    Jericoacoara, in the northernmost municipality of Ceará, is more than a paradise beach. There is the Jericoacoara National Park, managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, which protects local ecosystems, preserves natural resources, and promotes scientific research and responsible ecological tourism. To get to know all the dunes, beaches, rocks, lagoons, and local biodiversity, you can depart Fortaleza aboard the Airbus AS350B helicopter, in a journey of approximately 50 minutes. The estimated price is R$17,250 and the aircraft can hold up to five passengers.

    Discovered in the 1960s by some French film directors, this was originally a fishing village. Throughout history, citizens from all over the world have moved to the region to live a routine in the midst of nature. Therefore, even today there is a mixture of cultures living in the place. Those leaving Fortaleza to discover the beaches, dunes, and cliffs of Canoa Quebrada can take a short trip, of approximately 30 minutes, aboard the Cheyenne II turboprop. The flight starts at R$5,334 and holds up to five people.

    The capital of Ceará can also be a starting point for those who want to get to know the capital of Alagoas. Maceió is another reference among northeastern cities, with urbanization rates and Human Development Index considered high. There is an intense cultural, social, and tourist life that attracts people from all over Brazil. For around R$29,960, the journey between Fortaleza airport and Maceió – Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport (MCZ; SBMO) can be done with a 208A Caravan, which can take up to eight passengers. The trip takes about 2h30.

    Aboard a Seneca III, a trip between the capital of Ceará and the International Airport of João Pessoa – Presidente Castro Pinto (JPA; SBJP) takes just over five hours, taking up to four passengers. The estimated cost of the stretch is R$25,370. The capital of Paraíba is considered the capital where there is less social inequality in the Northeast, having a strong industrial appeal, with two large hubs. It is very popular for its historic architecture, centuries-old churches and beaches.

    A connection between the Northeast region and the Brazilian Central-west takes place between the trips from Fortaleza to Brasília, mainly operated from Brasília International Airport – Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek (BSB; SBBR). A trip aboard the Beechcraft 58 takes approximately 5h40 and accommodates four passengers. The estimated value to access the country’s capital, with this option, is R$72,780.

    Access, for those coming from Fortaleza, to the cultural and economic center of Brazil can take place through different facilities, such as Congonhas Airport (CGH; SBSP), São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU; SBGR), the largest in the country, or through Campo de Marte Airport (RTE; SBMT), in the north of the city of São Paulo, one of the airfields most used by executive aviation. Regardless of where you disembark, a flight with the Learjet 31A jet – which has seven seats – lasts around 4h20 and has an estimated price of R$142,600.

    Air Taxi in Fortaleza: Know How to Book

    With Flapper, you will find, in a safe, simple, agile, and efficient way, the best in air taxi services in Fortaleza, as well as in other cities in Brazil and Latin America.

    With just a few taps on our website or app, the customer has quotes that take into account all their specific needs. This way, you can find the trip that best fits your routine, region, schedule, and preferences.

    With Flapper, the customer can choose from dozens of aircraft options and operations throughout the country, always with the quality, attention, and exclusivity that the company offers. To quote your next trip, access our app or contact our team via WhatsApp/phone:


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