• Air Taxi in São Paulo: Discover the Available Options

    Aircraft Charter / Air Taxi in São Paulo: Discover the Available Options

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    Destination for business and leisure, the capital of São Paulo is the most visited city in Brazil

    Brazil’s business capital, the city of São Paulo boosts corporate tourism not only in the country, but also in Latin America. But the Terra da Garoa also stands out for its wide range of leisure options, ranging from award-winning restaurants to lively nightlife in bars and clubs. In this text, we will explain why the air taxi in São Paulo is a good option for those looking for work, entertainment, or both!

    In 2018, the municipality welcomed 2.9 million foreigners, with emphasis on visitors from Argentina, the United States, and Portugal. Domestic tourism was mainly fed by residents of the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Paraná, per SPTuris.

    But what is so special about the capital to attract business travelers from all over the world? Let’s list three essential factors: B3, the Stock Exchange, 4.4 million square meters for business fairs, with an emphasis on R$7.3 billion in revenue per year in expenses with accommodation and leisure, and 63% of international finance groups installed in Brazil.

    On the leisure side, Avenida Paulista appears in the tourist imagination, with its museums — including the Masp (Art Museum of São Paulo), the city’s postcard, shopping malls, and closure to cars / pedestrian openings on Sundays and holidays. SPTuris highlights that 42% of tourists make a point of visiting São Paulo’s best-known public place, whose entertainment attractions are co-located with the already known vocation for business. The more than 20,000 restaurants with 58 types of cuisine spread across the four corners are also noteworthy.

    Air Taxi in São Paulo: Airports

    São Paulo/Congonhas Airport – Deputy Freitas Nobre (CGH, SBSP)

    One of the main domestic gateways, Congonhas Airport, located in the south of the capital, is the third airport terminal with the highest passenger movement – only behind Guarulhos and Brasília. According to data from the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), more than 6.7 million travelers boarded or disembarked there in 2020.

    From there, flights operated by the main airlines in Brazil depart to hundreds of national destinations. The terminal also stands out for its many options for air taxi routes in São Paulo.

    Campo de Marte Airport (SBMT)

    In addition to Congonhas, another terminal indicated for air taxis in São Paulo is Campo de Marte, in the northern region. It was the first airport terminal in São Paulo. It currently does not have regular commercial flights, instead being widely used by executive aviation for flights in small planes and helicopters. Most Flapper flights depart from there, including the shared weekly São Paulo – Angra dos Reis. Once there, don’t miss our hangar.

    Discover the Available Aircraft

    Challenger 605

    The Challenger 605 is the jet with the largest cabin in its class. The 605 model represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the popular CL604. Lower cab windows provide a better view, while the new cab is quieter, increasing your personal productivity.

    The aircraft can accommodate up to 12 passengers and has impressive headroom for all passengers. With a range of up to 7,400 kilometers, the CL605 provides a solid alternative to Gulfstream aircraft for international flights and business travel.

    Learjet 40 XR

    The Learjet 40XR, developed by the manufacturer Bombardier, is the ultimate in speed and safety. An updated version of the Learjet 40, the jet is equipped with improved engines, modern avionics, and efficient retractable landing gear that allow it to operate under any conditions.

    The aircraft holds up to six passengers and has a long range of flight, with a cruise speed of 860 km/h. The model can complete flights from Chicago to San Francisco, in the United States, and Singapore to Hong Kong.

    Legacy 600

    Developed by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, the Legacy 600 belongs to the Legacy family, which also has the 450, 500 and 600 variants. With the largest cabin of any medium jet, the Legacy 600 will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    This aircraft will make the journey as relaxing as possible for up to 15 passengers, in three divided sections. It is worth mentioning the speed of 860 km/h, which justifies why the Legacy 600 is among the most loved models in aviation.

    Phenom 100

    This jet has the largest cabin and windows in its class, and comfortably seats four passengers in a club seat configuration. Designed and manufactured in Brazil, the Phenom 100 is ideal for weekend getaways or short executive flights. The model has a 2.4 cubic meter rear luggage compartment.

    A tall, wide cabin gives passengers generous head and leg room, while a fully-stocked bar provides refreshment in flight. Large tables will make business meetings on the way comfortable and productive. Other amenities include a fully enclosed chemical sink.

    Robinson 44 Raven II

    The R44 Raven II, belonging to the R44 series, features a Lycoming IO-540 engine that has fuel injection, providing greater reliability and safety, especially in hot or cold climates. The aerodynamic tips of the rotor blades reduce the noise level on flights over 500 feet by almost a decibel.

    The interior cabin comfortably accommodates three passengers and a dual command system (removable). Exclusive to the Raven II, the air conditioning system has front and rear vents to circulate cool air throughout the cabin. The luggage compartment is limited to a hidden storage area under each seat (one bag per passenger).

    Routes and Values

    Model: Airbus AS350B2

    Passengers: 5

    Flight time: 128 minutes

    Model: Airbus AS350B2

    Passengers: 6

    Flight time: 45 minutes

    Model: Learjet 40XR

    Passengers: 7

    Flight time: 51 minutes

    Model: Caravan Grand

    Passengers: 9

    Flight time: 50 minutes

    Model: Seneca II

    Passengers: 4

    Flight time: 207 minutes

    Model: R44 Raven II

    Passengers: 3

    Flight time: 181 minutes

    Air Taxi in São Paulo: How to Book

    Whether for tourism or business, Flapper can certainly help you find the best option for boarding to/from São Paulo. On Flapper’s website or app, you can obtain instant quotes according to what fits your routine.

    In other words, you can customize departure and arrival locations, departure and arrival times and, of course, the desired helicopter and aircraft options. There are dozens of charter options for you to travel with more comfort, convenience, safety, and agility.

    If you need, contact our team by WhatsApp or by phone: +55 (11) 4052-3710.


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