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    When buying a jet, one of the main questions that concern those interested is: can private jets make international flights? Many imagine that travel between countries is restricted to commercial aviation or air taxi companies, but the truth is that private jets can also travel these itineraries.

    In theory, all you have to do is board your private jet and cruise the world. In practice, several bureaucratic issues have to be arranged in advance. The first point of attention is restricted air space. Military bases or large airports are usually located in these regions, making overflights prohibited in the vicinity.

    Since you will not be flying in prohibited areas, you will be able to cross borders. Each country has its own legislation on private aircraft arriving from abroad, but generally speaking, a “flight plan” is required to be sent to the authorities. This is a document that contains basic information such as embarkation and disembarkation locations, time en route, alternate aerodromes in case of bad weather, pilot and all passengers on board data, etc.

    Some countries are more restrictive. Entering the United States of America, for example, requires completing an online registration with the Electronic Advance Passenger Information System. In the form, you fill in the main data and the passport number of everyone on board. At some point, you receive an authorization by email to enter the country via your private jet.

    Landing at airports must be cleared by the control towers. Many do not require landing fees. Others not only charge for the descent, but also have fees for parking and the use of air traffic control services. Due to all the requirements and bureaucracy involved, having a professional to assist you can facilitate your preparation in taking your private jet and making an international flight.

    International flights with your private jet

    If you have already followed all the previous procedures to visit other countries with your own jet, it’s time to know about how it works in practice. First of all, it is important to point out that passports are still required by immigration. It is a common mistake for travelers to think that they are exempt from going through immigration procedures if they fly in a private jet.

    Passing through customs is also mandatory and done as usual. All passengers are subject to import and export declarations and must follow the same rules as commercial aviation. The big difference here is the fact that, most of the time, the employees go to the aircraft to carry out the control, without the travelers subjecting themselves to queues.

    Another advantage of using a private jet on international flights is the lack of baggage restrictions, an uncomfortable topic for those traveling for longer durations or in large groups. Thus, the rules regarding luggage will be observed from the jet’s own technical specifications and how much weight it can hold.

    Other differences are noted. Liquids, for example, prohibited on regular flights, can be transported here. If you have pets: good news! Dogs, cats, and other pets are allowed on an international flight aboard a private jet. One more detail: you can land at thousands and thousands of airfields, with a much wider range of options than in commercial aviation.

    On the other hand, there are some counterpoints. The cost of an international flight with a private jet tends to be much higher and the planning, as we have seen, is much more complex than a commercial or air taxi operation. You have to bear the costs of fuel, airports, pilots, etc.

    If there is freedom to go to practically any corner of the world, there may, however, be some delay in landing at large airports, where many planes depart or arrive repeatedly. As one of the biggest interests in business aviation is saving time, it is worth weighing this element in the balance when making a decision.

    International flights: charter plane or private jet?

    Knowing more details of the international operation of a private jet, it’s time for you to think about what costs less: investing in your own aircraft or choosing to charter an executive plane?

    If we talk about comfort, having your own aircraft will always be unbeatable. You can leave wherever you want, whenever you want, to wherever you want in the world. All this with a jet that you control, completely customized according to your preferences and needs.

    The investment, however, is heavy. We’ve already talked about the costs of international flights with private jets, but there are other expenses. First, the purchase of a jet requires significant expenses. After the purchase, there are still costs for hangaring, maintenance, training and remuneration of the crew, purchase of software, etc.  

    Meanwhile, chartering may be more limited in terms of schedule and options, but the costs and the possibility of outsourcing all responsibilities certainly makes travel less complex.

    International flights with Flapper

    There is no correct answer, it is up to each individual to calculate and think about what best suits their reality. Surely, however, the best option for those who want to charter a jet for their international flight is to look to Flapper.

    Working only with the best partners in the market, we offer an unforgettable experience, without any headache and with great comfort and safety.

    To explore our possibilities, access the quote platform via the website or the app. In the tool, you can plan the dates of your next trip, and search for airports of departure and arrivals and available aircraft. For more information, contact our team at the number below.


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