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    Helicopter flights in Santiago de Chile are well known, and used for work in vineyards prior to harvest. They dissipate the cold night air that can freeze grapes, or in cherry plantation fields to dry these delicious fruits before a rain event can damage the entire plantation. In addition, helicopters are widely used in summer to support the work of firefighters.

    However, there is another emerging use for these incredible machines, very common in other countries and increasingly on the rise in Chile — the transfer of people, whether locals to their summer homes (usually short trips of up to 2 hours), foreign tourists who prefer to save time and get to know Chile from above in route to the many famous vineyards of the Colchagua Valley, or in winter season for a quick arrival to the winter ski resorts. It is also increasingly common for Chilean tourists to venture into this type of tourism, either for a helicopter flight over Santiago del Chile, the country’s beautiful capital, or even tailor-made events for an unusual marriage proposal in the air.

    In this article, we are going to present the different ways to have an unforgettable helicopter flight in Santiago de Chile’s experience with the best quality helicopter services available at Flapper.

    Helicopter flights in Santiago del Chile

    • Sunset in Santiago:

    Overflight of Santiago and its soaring skyscrapers known as Sanhattan passing through the Mapocho River accompanied by the view of the Andes Mountains.

    • Viña VIK:

    Located at the top of a hill over a lake, a spot with a unique and avant-garde design. Viña VIK and its incredible wines await you for a unique tasting experience and exploring all the senses.

    • Ski centers:

    With three world-class centers just 50 kilometers from Santiago, skiing is the option desired by local and international tourists, who can arrive by helicopter at each resort and also practice heliskiing.

    With Flapper you can choose where to start your helicopter trip from the following Heliports:

    • Huechuraba – Avenida El Salto N° 5300.
    • Las Condes – Avenida Presidente Riesco N° 5685.
    • Hotel W – Avenida Isidora Goyenechea N° 3000.
    • Santiago de Chile Airport – Calle Omar Page N ° 2079.

    Heliports with the possibility of helicopter rental:

    Helicentro Eagle Copters [SHBH].
    Location: 33 ° 16’17.8 “S 70 ° 39’00.2” W.
    It is located next to the Chicureo Aerodrome [SCHC]. Helicopter models available for charter: Bell 429 (6 pax), Bell 505 (4 pax), Eurocopter AS350 BA (5 pax), Long Ranger (6 pax), Jet Ranger (3 pax), MD 600N (7 pax)

    Helipuerto Santiago [SHSH].
    Location: 33 ° 22’55.9 “S 70 ° 37’31.2” W.
    Helicopter models available for charter: Jet Ranger (4 pax), Long Ranger (6 pax), Robinson 44 Raven II (3 pax), Agusta AW119 MK II Koala (6 pax), Robinson R66 (4 pax), Eurocopter EC 130 B4 (6 pax)

    Santiago – Helipuerto Kipreos [SHKI].
    Location: 33 ° 22’37.3 “S 70 ° 44’40.2” W.
    Helicopter models available for rent: Eurocopter B3 (5 pax), Eurocopter B2 (5 pax)

    Helipuerto Helitrans
    Location: 33 ° 13’15.6 “S 70 ° 45’34.5” W.
    Located north of the city, it serves as a getaway point to the Cordillera de la Costa or other places in the north. Helicopter models available for charter: Jet Ranger (4 pax), Eurocopter B3 (5 pax)

    Helicopter models available at Flapper:

    Augusta Koala:

    High performance versatile single engine that could tackle a wide variety of missions, from executive transportation to ambulance. The helicopter is configured for 6 passengers. The wide sliding doors facilitate access to the cabin, which in turn is equipped with air conditioning and additional insulation. An external luggage compartment in the stern can accommodate up to 150 kg of luggage.

    Robinson 44:

    Provides clear visibility for all passengers. Thanks to its compact size and high muffler capacity, it provides a smooth flying experience.

    Airbus EC 135:

    The most profitable twin-engine helicopter available on the market. It has capacity for 6 passengers, and is known for its versatility and high payload capacity. Thanks to its low noise levels, it has been certified to fly in the United States Grand Canyon, which has one of the strictest noise limitations in the country. Allows you to store up to 6 medium suitcases during the trip.

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