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    Aircraft Charter / Helipads in hotels: discover 10 Brazilian properties that receive helicopters

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    The helicopter is synonymous with versatility and has long become the favorite of those who demand exclusivity, agility, and comfort. Proof that propeller transport has become popular in Brazil is the extensive list of helipads available in hotels and resorts in all regions of the country.

    In the Flapper system, the list of helidecks in Brazil and Latin America aggregates more than 1,000 addresses, with at least 40 aerodromes installed in Brazilian hotels and resorts. Thinking about your next vacation, we have selected in this article the 10 most exclusive helipads in the country.

    Even if your favorite hotel or resort is not on this list, you can still get there by helicopter. Helipads not approved in ANAC’s civil aviation system can be used normally as long as the Flapper team evaluates the landing conditions and the quality of the helipad in question.

    Check out the list of hotels with helipads below:


    Located in an Atlantic Forest reserve, Nannai Resort & Spa has its trademark in nature and in its traditional bungalows. The property is located on the paradisiacal Praia de Muro Alto and is only 9 km from Porto de Galinhas (PE).

    Landing cost: $ 0 for guests

    Suggested route: Maceió-Nannai Resort

    Observations: Without helicopters approved for air taxi in Recife, the recommended route departs from Maceió, capital of Alagoas.


    The condominium for seasons located at Praia dos Carneiros, in Tamandaré (PE), combines hotel services, amenities of residential condominiums, and the comfort of apart hotels.

    Landing cost: $ 0 for guests

    Suggested route: Maceió-Carneiros

    Observations: Without helicopters approved for air taxi in Recife, the recommended route departs from Maceió, capital of Alagoas.


    The unusual experience at Carmel Taíba begins even before check-in. With it’s newly opened helipad, one of the newest in the Northeast, guests begin their journey with a breathtaking view. All thanks to the proximity of the sea, in beautiful São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE), and the location of the helipad, installed on the roof of the hotel.

    Landing cost: $ 0 for guests

    Suggested route: Fortaleza-Carmel Taíba


    On the south coast of Bahia, in the middle of the native Atlantic Forest and structured to promote comfort and well-being, lies the luxurious Txai Itacaré. The resort is located in an area of ​​environmental protection, on Itacarezinho Beach (BA).

    Landing cost: $ 0 for guests

    Suggested route: Salvador-Txai Itacaré

    Observations: Without helicopters approved for air taxi in Ilhéus (BA), the recommended route departs from Salvador, capital of Bahia.


    The luxurious hotel Fasano and condominium Porto Frade share a helipad in Angra dos Reis (RJ), one of the main attractions of the Rio de Janeiro coast. In a region of recognized helicopter traffic, it is notable that the landing point of Porto Frade is the most used in Angra dos Reis. By helicopter, the city is just minutes away from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

    Landing cost: R $ 450 per person

    Suggested route: Rio de Janeiro-Frade; São Paulo-Frade

    Notes: Helicopters can stay overnight on site. The transportation of guests between the helipad and the apartments is done in golf carts.


    The always trendy Búzios (RJ) has at Hotel Insólito one of the most complete boutique properties in the region. In addition to the first class cuisine, Insólito also stands out for its location: with exclusive access to Praia da Ferradura. After Búzios Airport, Hotel Insólito is the main helicopter landing site in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

    Landing cost: R $ 500 for guests

    Suggested route: Rio de Janeiro-Hotel Insólito


    In the heart of São Paulo, in the region of Avenida Paulista, the Hotel Emiliano has the advantage of being among the most awarded properties in the city. The strategic location explains one of the most expensive landing rates in Brazil.

    Landing cost: R $ 800 for guests

    Suggested route: Guarulhos-Hotel Emiliano

    Observations: Emiliano’s helipad restricts the landing of heavy helicopters, such as the Dauphin and Airbus EC155 models.


    Located in Campos de Jordão (SP), a favorite destination for paulistas during the winter, the Botanique Hotel & Spa carries the “post-luxury” flag, a concept that prioritizes comfort and good service to the utmost.

    Landing cost: $ 0 for guests

    Suggested route: São Paulo-Hotel Botanique; Rio de Janeiro-Hotel Botanique


    In the interior of São Paulo, Novotel Itu mixes luxury and outdoor activities. In addition to spaces for tennis and football, the resort is just minutes from the equestrian Terras de São José II and also guarantees access to Terras de São José Golfe Clube, one of the best golf courses in Brazil.

    Landing cost: R $ 300, also open to tenants

    Suggested route: São Paulo-Novotel Itu; Campinas / Viracopos-Novotel Itu

    Observations: The helipad that serves Novotel belongs to Condomínio Terras de São José. Its structure allows landings to be made after sunset, generating flexibility and comfort for travelers at all hours.


    Surrounded by a fishing village, the Ponta dos Ganchos resort, one of the best rated AAA hotels in Brazil, is located on a private peninsula in the city of Governador Celso Ramos (SC), 50 km from Florianópolis. The helipad accepts even the largest twin-engine helicopters and is the best way to reach the hotel. Other alternatives include the nearby airstrips at Fly Ville [SJSH], Costa Esmeralda [SDEN] or Santa Catarina Airclub [SSKT].

    Landing cost: $ 0 for guests

    Suggested route: Curitiba-Ponta dos Ganchos; Florianópolis-Ponta dos Ganchos

    Most popular

    At Flapper, depending on the route in question, you can find more than a dozen helicopter models available. There are two vehicles, however, that reign as the darlings for leisure operations, as suggested in this post.

    One of them is the R44. Developed by the Robinson Helicopter Company, this light helicopter can carry up to 3 passengers. Silent operation and unobstructed visibility are the highlights of leisure flights. It is the most economical helicopter used by Flapper. This model is capable of traveling in a radius of up to 500 km.

    Also excellent in the cost-benefit of its operations, the other star of leisure travel is the Airbus Esquilo. Created in France in the 70s, the Écureuil AS350 comfortably accommodates up to 5 passengers. Flight range in the B3 version exceeds 600 km.

    Whether in inhospitable areas, in large cities, or on the extensive Brazilian coast, on board a helicopter it is easy to reach the best hotels and resorts in the country. On the Flapper platform, in just a few clicks, it is possible to access a list with hundreds of helipads spread throughout Brazil.

    Flapper is the only company in the country approved by the American certifier Wyvern for charter flights around the world. For quotations, contact our team on the whatsapp link below or via mobile app – available on Apple and Google platforms.


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