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    With 21 active international airports, Brazil alone has more airfields capable of receiving flights from all over the world than the rest of South America combined (20). If we consider the airports through which international cargo passes, there are 36 in all. It does not arise, therefore, the large number of takeoffs from here towards the outside.

    In 2019 (last year without interference from the Covid-19 pandemic), for example, there were more than 145,000 international flights, between passengers and cargo flights, departing from Brazilian lands. In 2020, with demand affected by the health crisis, this number fell to just under 60,000.

    This solid position of the country as a point of embarchy for other nations, combined with the popularization of aircraft charters and air taxis , has grown interest in renting private jets for international flights.

    But how much does this kind of charter cost? You’re wrong if you think it’s an extravagance. Increasingly, executives, enthusiasts and new consumers choose to rent aircraft – whether for leisure or for work – to have a more practical and safe experience.

    With flapper, there are several options, ranging from turboprops and light jets to large long-range executive jets. Each of them demands a distinct investment, fitting into the reality and needs of clients of various categories.  

    Costs of an International Private Jet

    The charter price of an executive aircraft considers a number of factors, involving the entire private aviation chain. Basically, the following variables come into account: estimated price per hora or per kilometer/mile traveled; cost of landing fees at the airport; FBO (Fixed Operator Base) costs related to handling and use of the private jet terminal; overnight costs; etc.

    Companies that work with chartering also typically start from a minimum flight fare or set a minimum trip to default. This is to bear fixed costs and ensure a minimum amount for chartering to occur. The period usually varies from one to two hours of flight time.

    In this way, the cost of chartering is based on all these fixed and variable values. Companies add a small profit margin to the numbers and calculate the cost per hour of flight to be offered to customers.

    There is also one last, but no less important variable: the flight coefficient. This is an index used to precisely calculate the actual distance between the place of embarkation and the place of disembarkation. This must be done because, of course, aircraft do not fly in straight lines, having to adapt their routes to airport traffic or geography and military infrastructure.

    On itineraries whose distance is relatively small, it is common for operators to apply a flight coefficient of 15%. That is, it will be considered as the distance to be covered to which it was identified in the quotation plus these 15%. On longer flights, airlines work differently: either they simply eliminate the fee or symbolically apply a coefficient of 3%.

    How Much Does It Really Cost to Charter a Private Jet for International Flights

    Now that you understand what costs are involved in the charter and air taxi operation, let’s focus on some practical examples of routes to make the pricing of these trips more visible.

    Let’s start with a very short route: Porto Alegre and Montevideo (Uruguay), via Salgado Filho International Airport (POA; SBPA) and Carrasco International Airport (MVD; SUMU). The lowest value for this stretch is R$ 31,810, traveling aboard the turboprop Cessna Caravan 208A, which accommodates up to nine passengers. The route lasts just over two hours.

    We will see a longer route now: between São Paulo and Medellin (Colombia), via Congonhas Airport (CGH; SBSP) and Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH; SKMD). The most important amount for this stretch is R$ 106,740, on a trip of about 9:20 am. For this fee, the flight is made on the light and affordable Cessna Citation I jet, which accommodates up to five passengers.

    Now, let’s venture along longer routes. A trip between Congonhas and J. F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK; KJFK) in New York (USA) can be made on the Bombardier Learjet 60 jet for R$ 288,850. The route lasts 11:30h and there are up to seven seats available.

    Bolding even more, you can charter, for about R$ 2.2 million, a Gulfstream G650ERultra-long-range jet – and from Congonhas to Beijing Airport in China (PEK; ZBAA). The trip lasts approximately 22 hours and can be made with up to 13 people. Saving a little, you can opt for Bombardier Global Express for R$ 1.7 million. There are 13 seats available and an 8-hour trip.

    Private Jet Quotes for International Flights

    Check out below how much it costs to charter a private jet for various international flights, among the most popular routes among Flapper customers.

    Buenos Aires (Argentina) – São Paulo

    Model: Citation CJ1

    Number of passengers: 5 passengers

    Price: R$ 52.550

    Flight time: 3h10

    Miami (USA) – São Paulo

    Model: Hawker 800XP

    Number of passengers: 9 passengers

    Price: R$ 315,420

    Flight time: 10h30

    São Paulo – Miami (USA)

    Model: Gulfstream G200

    Number of passengers: 11 passengers

    Price: R$ 560.870

    Flight time: 9h30

    New York (USA) – São Paulo

    Model: Challenger 300

    Number of passengers: 9 passengers

    Price: R$ 521,240

    Flight time: 11h

    London (England) – São Paulo

    Model: Global 6000

    Number of passengers: 12 passengers

    Price: R$ 1,077,330

    Flight time: 11h50

    São Paulo – Paris (France)

    Model: Legacy 650

    Number of passengers: 13 passengers

    Price: R$ 670.140

    Flying time: 16h

    São Paulo – Lisbon (Portugal)

    Model: Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy

    Number of passengers: 14 passengers

    Price: R$ 588,280

    Flying time: 10am

    Charter Your International Private Jet with Flapper

    To live a unique and unforgettable experience, charter your private international jet with Flapper. Whether for tourism or work, the best way to access other countries through executive aviation is with us, we work with the best partners in the market.

    On our quotation platform, available on the website or in the app, you can explore your next destinations by customizing every detail you want. Date, time, places of embarkation and disembarkation, aircraft… everything! Just access to start planning your next flight.

    Flapper guarantees you a comfortable and safe journey with a simplified and agile chartering process without any headache. If you would like to talk to our team or have any questions, please contact us at the following link.


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