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    Chartering a private jet can be one of the most fulfilling experience of your life. Despite its reputation as a symbol of extravagance, a private jet charter remains a valuable time-saver and hence constitutes the most convenient mode of air transportation.

    But how much does it really cost to charter a private jet in a place like Brazil? And can you instantly book your very own trip using an Uber-style private aviation platform? Let us take a closer look at the private jet charter booking process.

    The Minimum Cost to Charter a Private Jet

    The cost of a private jet charter is a derivative of a number of factors, among which the most frequently used variables include:

    • The estimated cost per hour or per km / mile travelled;
    • The cost of airport landing fees;
    • FBO (Fixed Base Operator) costs related to handling and utilization of the private jet terminal;
    • Overnight stay costs;
    • The minimum flying or minimum trip fee.

    To derive at an hourly cost of flight offered to the end client, an operators would typically calculate their fixed- and variable costs and impose a small margin on top of that. Accordingly, an hourly cost might vary from $2.200 for a turbo-prop aircraft to even $11.000/h in case of large ultra-continental large jets.

    The minimum trip fee or minimum flying distance would be applied to justify fixed costs and guarantee a fair minimum value of a charter flight. Those generally vary from one- to two hours of flight time. Operators of smaller piston aircraft might also opt for using a minimum flying distance, generally set at 600 – 800 km. For ultra-range aircraft, I’ve already seen air carriers applying the minimum distance of 2500 km, which usually reflects their preference for operating long-haul flights only.

    Before we proceed, let us analyze one last variable used in calculating the charter costs – the mighty flight coefficient. Such indicator is used to calculate accurately the real distance travelled between two points. The rationale behind using it stems from a simple fact that airplanes don’t fly straight line paths. In practice, they tend to follow set routes that are rarely straight – either due to airport traffic or geography / military infrastructure.

    Hence, in case of shorter routes, an operator might impose a 15%+ flight coefficient, what translates to a 15% longer flight distance used for your quotation. For long-haul flights, air carriers would either eliminate completely the distance modifier or apply a symbolic +3% distance rate factor.

    Equipped with a knowledge about the minimum distance, hourly costs and airport / FBO fees, we are now ready to calculate the real cost of chartering a private jet.

    How Much Does it Really Cost to Charter a Private Jet

    The minimum cost of chartering a private jet in Brazil is R$16.160 (around US$2.890) on a route JundiaíCuritiba, flying an affordable light jet Citation CJ1. The cost of chartering the same airplane on a long-haul flight JundiaíManaus goes up to R$108.820 (~ US$19.450), considering a maximum capacity of 5 passengers.

    The most expensive charter jet in Brazil is Boeing 737 Executive, which boasts 16 First-class seats and 36 Business seats. This airliner is perfect for corporate travel and costs R$190.000 (~ US$ 33.970) on a charter flight Curitiba to Comandatuba.

    Using Brazil-based executive aircraft only, the priciest flight possible is São Paulo to Shanghai. The Gulfstream G550 aircraft is capable of realizing the longest transcontinental flights and costs roughly R$ 2.52 million to rent on the aforementioned route.

    The below compilation includes the Top 10 routes quoted in 2020 using Flapper system. For the sake of accuracy, each quotation considers only the jet airliners. I encourage you to check the prices of executive turbo-prop charters by visiting a separate page.

    Charter a Private Jet: Routes

    São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro

    Citation Sovereign available for charter in Brazil

    From R$20.170 on light jet CJ1 to R$39.100 on heavy jet Sovereign.

    São Paulo – Brasília

    Legacy 600 available for charter in Brazil

    From R$39.240 on light jet Embraer Phenom 100 to R$99.340 on heavy jet Embraer Legacy 600.

    São Paulo – Belo Horizonte

    Phenom 100 available for charter in São Paulo, Brazil

    From R$23.000 on light jet Embraer Phenom 100 to R$72.850 on heavy jet Falcon 2000 EX.

    Cuiabá – São Paulo

    Citation XLS available for charter in São Paulo

    From R$77.630 on mid-size jet Citation Excel to R$150.000 on heavy jet Legacy 600.

    Manaus – São Paulo

    Learjet 45 available for charter in Amazonas

    From R$121.200 on mid-size jet Citation 650 to R$187.100 on mid-size jet Learjet 45.

    Porto Alegre – Rio de Janeiro

    Citation CJ1 available for charter in São Paulo, Brazil

    From R$49.570 on light jet Citation CJ1 to R$131.800 on heavy jet Legacy 600.

    Belo Horizonte – Búzios

    Citation XLS available for charter in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    From R$22.090 on light jet Embraer Phenom 100 to R$33.470 on Embraer Phenom 300.

    São Paulo – Angra dos Reis

    King Air B200GT available for charter in Brazil

    Due to short runway, Angra dos Reis Airport only accepts turbo-props and piston airplanes, including King Air B200GT (R$15.990).

    Fortaleza – Jericoacoara

    Beechjet 400A available for charter in Bahia, Brazil

    From R$54.680 on light jet Beechjet 400A.

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