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    With our consumption habits of services and information being increasingly tracked, it has become common to come across internet advertisements on topics of interest to us from companies we do not know. In business aviation, this logic is no different. If you fly a lot and research the topic, you will probably be impacted by new companies fielding offers for air taxis. In this scenario, the need for security is redoubled. After all, how can you verify if, in the proposal in question, the plane is indeed authorized for air taxi?

    The simplest and most effective way is to consult the Voe Seguro system, maintained by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac). It is available online or in apps for Android and iOS. On the platform, the user can consult not only the air taxi aircraft, but also whether the operating companies are able to offer the service. Simply enter the company’s corporate name or CNPJ, or country identification and aircraft registration.

    After the query, the user will receive either an authorization message, in green, or a disapproval message, in red. In the latter case, a button will appear for a complaint to be made in the Federal Government system. Telephone number 163 is also indicated as a contact option.

    When the system says that there is authorization, what appears on the screen is the maximum number of passengers authorized on the aircraft in question, the company to which it is linked, and its CNPJ. If the query is for a particular company, the result shows a list of all available and regular models of planes and/or helicopters so that the user can check if the one they have chosen is there.

    It is necessary to remember that other companies – such as marketplaces, application administrators, and tour operators – can market air taxi flights, as long as they use a company authorized by Anac as service providers. This is the case with Flapper, for example, which does not appear on the Agency’s list, but works in partnership with companies that meet all the required standards.

    Even carrying out the entire pre-checking procedure, there is one more way to ensure your safety. Each and every aircraft authorized for air taxi has the expression “Public Transport” printed externally and on the fuselage, next to the passenger entrance door. This inscription must be clearly visible to users, whether horizontal or vertical, as required by the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulation (RBAC) nº 45.

    Why is it important to check if the plane is an air taxi

    Until the moment the customer disembarks from their aircraft and ends the trip, many safety regulations have been silently complied with. In Brazil, air taxi is highly regulated as a way to minimize the chances of accidents. The instrumentalization of the sector is given by Anac’s RBAC nº 135.

    There are all the details and minutiae that must be followed in each process required in the air taxi service chain. Most importantly, the regulation defines strict criteria for aircraft maintenance, as well as requiring pilots to renew their training.

    Another point: the Agency’s document defines specific insurance to be obligatorily contracted for the air taxi service. That is, if an unexpected event occurs, you will be covered by legislation.

    By confirming the authorizations of the companies and of the planes and helicopters, the consumer will be able to fly peacefully without the possibility of having fallen into a trap. This is because, unfortunately, the supply of clandestine or pirate air taxis (also known as tacas) has increasingly grown. Almost always, the prices of these malicious operations are up to 50% lower than those charged by certified companies.

    As the groups that act in illegality are increasingly sophisticated, with websites and social networks, for example, it is very important that the consumer maintains an active stance in confirming the services.

    The most common, in this scenario, is that clandestine services are carried out with civil aircraft, also regulated by Anac via the Brazilian Aeronautical Homologation Regulation (RBHA) nº 91. Although safety and maintenance standards are still defined, the requirements are much lower , allowing for services to be marketed at lower prices.

    From the moment you are on board one of these planes, you are subject to a range of extremely dangerous conditions. Not only are the aircraft’s safety standards minimal, but there are no training and rest requirements for pilots, and no insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

    Anac has made an effort to curb this practice. Today, the fines for those who offer clandestine air taxi services range from R$12,000 to R$200,000. Those who provide clandestine aerial maintenance services are also punished, with fines ranging from R$15,000 to R$150,000. Anyone who submits to command one of these operations may even lose their license. So, follow the steps above and stay tuned. If you come across an illegal company, report it!

    Flying Safely With Flapper

    Flapper not only works with the best partners in the business aviation market, but is also always looking for innovations to ensure the safety of its operation and convey reliability to passengers.

    Therefore, the marketplace became the first company to use Voe Seguro’s data on its own platform. As Anac’s database has open source technology, it can be used by any service provider.

    Thus, when the customer is searching for a charter, a seal from the National Civil Aviation Agency will appear, guaranteeing that that aircraft is authorized for air taxi operations, with information such as the registration validity period and the date of the first certification.

    To check in practice, enter our website or app to access Flapper’s quote platform. In it, it is possible to customize all the details of the air taxi operation: places of embarkation and disembarkation, date, time and, among others, aircraft – where it is possible to verify the ANAC seal.

    Looking for simplicity and agility without giving up security? Then Flapper is right for you. Explore our options and for more information, contact our team.


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