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    Charter a private jet in Medellín marks a before and after. Once our clients make the switch to business aviation, they say, they can’t go back. By chartering a private plane, passengers control almost the entirety of their travel experience, save time and really decide how they want to travel, with maximum safety and flexibility.

    How much does it really cost to rent a business aircraft? There is a lot of speculation and misinformation surrounding this trade-off, especially since many customers are unaware that the aircraft they are renting does not have a valid commercial license. And that is precisely why we have prepared this article, to tell you the real price of renting an approved air taxi aircraft and how easy it is to choose from hundreds of available options with just a couple of clicks.

    The Minimum Cost To Charter a Private Jet in Medellín

    The cost of a private jet rental is a derivative of a number of factors, among which the most commonly used variables include:

    ● The estimated cost per hour or per km / mile traveled;

    ● The cost of airport landing fees;

    ● Ground service costs or FBO (Fixed Base Operator) related to the management and use of the private jet terminal;

    ● Overnight costs;

    ● The minimum flight or travel fare.

    To get the value of 1 hour of flight, operators will usually calculate their fixed costs, plus the variables and added a small additional margin. In Medellín, the cost per flight hour can vary from US $ 700 – US $ 800 for a turboprop aircraft, such as Caravan Grand, to US $ 4,400 – US $ 6,000 in the case of super midsize private jets. Ultra-long-range jets (rented from abroad), such as the Global or Gulfstream G550, cost even more, with hourly flight rates from $ 7,000 – $ 11,000.

    To calculate the total cost of the flight, we will take into account the total number of flight hours that exist from the point of departure to the point of arrival, plus the costs of attention on the ground, taxes, gasoline and possible additional costs. There is also a minimum cost that will need to be considered.

    How Much Does It Really Cost To Charter a Private Jet in Medellín?

    With 59 aircraft licensed for charter flights, Medellín is the second largest city for private aviation in Colombia, behind Bogotá with 88 aircraft. Strategically located in the country and less than an hour by plane from the capital, Medellín is an important economic pole in northern South America.

    The minimum rates for renting a private plane in Medellín, on the route Olaya Herrera [SKMD] – Bogotá – Guaymaral [SKGY] start with COP $ 5,650,000 in a piston or minimum COP $ 21,800,000 in a light jet. In a midsize jet the cost would vary between COP $ 23,500,000 to COP $ 35,600,000.

    Among the most expensive charter aircraft in Colombia (for being the most luxurious) are the Falcon 2000s with a capacity of 9 passengers and the Challenger 300 for 8. Typically used for flights to Miami, both aircraft can be rented on the Medellín route ( MDE) – Opa Locka (OPF) for about COP $ 190,000,000.

    For a complete list of all the aircraft available on the Medellín – Bogotá route, see our quotation system:

    The Most Popular Private Jet Routes From Medellín

    The following list includes the most sought-after routes between 2020 and 2021 in the Flapper system, along with our aircraft recommendations. Just click on the link to see all the available options.

    This popular trade route can be served by a Seneca II piston, with the flight time of just over 65 minutes.

    Fly directly to Miami aboard the Beechjet 400A, one of the cheapest jets in Colombia.

    Get to Barranquilla easily in just over an hour by flying in a luxurious Hawker 900XP.

    To get to San Andrés, your aircraft must be authorized to fly over large areas of water. For this flight, our recommended option is a versatile Falcon 2000S.

    Another popular option is helicopter tours. Guatapé can be easily reached from Medellín on the inexpensive JetRanger and LongRanger.

    About Flapper

    He was born in 2016 in Brazil. The first flights were made during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, and today it already has a presence in 5 Latin American countries. It brings together the entire range of business aircraft in Latin America to offer a revolutionary experience in private flights. It has approximately 100 operators, more than 550 airplanes and helicopters and in the world it has access to more than 5,000 aircrafts thanks to various allies. It currently has investors that include ACE, the largest startup accelerator in Latin America; Confrapar that it is a pioneering investment fund in technology companies in Brazil with a special focus on the aerospace market, among others.


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