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    Travel provides moments experienced in significantly varied ways by different customers. Some see a journey as a quick day trip between major cities, enough to solve bureaucratic business issues. Other customers enjoy every second, from the trip to the airport to the in-flight details.

    Just as we have a customized solution offered by Flapper for each client, there are also tips and habits that can make a trip, regardless of the reason, even more comfortable and peaceful.

    Thinking about your onboard experience, we have organized some valuable tips to make your flight even better!

    Meals and drinks make the difference

    Most business aviation flights are carried out in pressurized aircraft. Keeping the cabin under pressure allows us, even when flying in a metal tube at more than 10,000 meters of altitude, to breathe and maintain our vital signs in a very similar way to what we have on dry land.

    As a side effect of pressurization, the body is able to feel the full implications of artificial pressure both during the process of ascending the plane, when it is being pressurized, and during the descent with the process of gradual depressurization taking place. 

    Ingestion of heavy foods or foods that can ferment, such as fried foods, pasta, cheese, red meat, and some types of grains, vegetables, and spices (such as chickpeas, onions, garlic, and beans, for example) can cause a lot of discomfort on account of the attenuation of the effects of digestion. Ingestion of high-fat and sugary sweets, soft drinks, and carbonated drinks can make unwanted sensations worse, causing even more intense pain.

    So, before the flight, try to choose light fast-digesting foods and avoid overeating. Fresh fruits, cereals, yogurts, whole-grain sandwiches, juices, and mineral water are great travel companions, as well as being very tasty and nutritious.

    Carefully Choose Your Clothes

    With so many clothing options increasingly elegant and modern, putting together a combination of pieces that match each other can take several hours, even in casual moments. Even so, it is possible to dress in your favorite clothes, combining look and comfort. For your travels, this choice should be made even more carefully!

    Remember that if you will be spending several hours on board, most of them will be in the seat of the plane. If your clothes are too tight or your shoes hurt your feet, the possibility of feeling uncomfortable during the flight is practically certain. Wearing compression stockings can alleviate symptoms of swelling and leg pain on long trips, so consider wearing them on your flights!

    Whenever Possible, Choose Executive Aviation

    Comfort lives in the experience, not just inside the aircraft. Choosing executive aviation for your flights will make your journeys always more comfortable and agile.

    This is possible because you will not have to go through the various mandatory procedures on commercial flights. Convenience starts even before boarding: when you arrive at the airport, without the need to show up long in advance – in pandemic times, for commercial flights, more than two hours of waiting in the crowded lobby or departure lounge may be required —, you will be welcomed in a private room and able to have coffee and snacks at your disposal.

    Queues for check-in, bag drop, and boarding will be a thing of the past. It only takes a few steps between the hangar and the aircraft for your boarding and departure to take place practically immediately: the pilots will just be waiting for your presence on board for the flight to begin.

    Try to Hydrate Your Skin

    Due to the air conditioning of the aircraft and the temperature regulated to approximately 21ºC, the humidity of the air in the cabin reaches very low levels. With this, in addition to the effects of pressurization that we mentioned earlier, the body also suffers in the skin: dryness of the eyes, lips, face, and hands can become a nuisance.

    Dodging the arid climate requires simple measures. Start by carrying lip balm (it can be simple cocoa butter purchased at pharmacies) and moisturizing hand and body creams. Whenever necessary, use them to maintain your sense of comfort. There are also options for thermal water in aerosol format, in 30ml bottles, which can be taken as hand luggage on your flight and are excellent for moisturizing your face. A small spritz on the face every hour is enough to eliminate the dryness of the face, a part that is usually very sensitive. To avoid the feeling of “sand” and burning in the eyes, the use of lubricating eye drops is essential. In addition to being a product with a very affordable acquisition cost in pharmacies, lubricating eye drops are allies in preventing diseases in the eyes caused by dry air.

    Avoid The Feeling of “Clogged Ears”

    It is common for many aircraft users that, during the descent procedure for landing, ears become “clogged” and hearing is impaired. Some techniques can help to alleviate this discomfort or even eliminate it completely. Chewing helps to equalize pressure. So, if your ears are bothered, chewing gum or slightly hard caramel candies will gradually bring your hearing back to normal.

    There is also the Vasalva Maneuver, an ancient technique that is very effective in equalizing pressure in the ear canal. It initially consists of holding your breath and holding your nose with your fingers, preventing air from coming out. After that, you must force the air out with the nose still closed. This movement will cause the pressure to be equalized instantly, relieving pain and releasing hearing again.

    If Necessary, Use Ear Protection! 

    Normal aircraft noise, as well as the sound caused by the aircraft rubbing against the air, can become stressful after long hours of flying. To mitigate this noise, a simple pair of ear protectors solves this problem. Protectors can be purchased at pharmacies and the cost is very low. In addition to the protectors, the use of headphones that have active noise cancellation features can also provide even more comfort, as external noise is drastically reduced and you can listen to music, watch movies, and consume audio or video content without distractions.

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