• We Explain in 5 Steps Why Chartering an Aircraft Increases Your Productivity

    Aircraft Charter / We Explain in 5 Steps Why Chartering an Aircraft Increases Your Productivity

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    A charter flight is the best option for those looking for comfort, privacy and security to think about work.

    Traveling on a commercial airline can be a stressful experience. The baggage check ritual, the lines for X-rays, boarding and disembarking on the aircraft give the impression that time is being wasted.

    For business travelers, time is a golden opportunity to work. Chartering an executive flight is a way to avoid these and many other problems that come your way. But how is this possible? Below are five reasons why chartering an aircraft increases your work productivity.

    ideal place to work

    Executive jets deliver the comfort and exclusivity needed by the corporate traveler. If traveling with more space and less noise is a huge guarantee, executive aircraft have more space to store personal luggage. What’s more, the spacious work desks are an excellent option for the passenger who wants to advance a task before disembarking at their destination.

    stay connected

    In today’s world, it is essential that we have the Internet available at any time, even more than 10,000 meters above the ground. An airplane with Wi-Fi available is the best choice for those who want to hold online meetings or conferences with clients, research topics related to their work or even create a new project.

    seize the time

    Using in-flight time to rest is also a way of thinking about your productivity. For this, the aircraft are equipped with entertainment platforms with thousands of movies, music and TV shows – and a state-of-the-art in-flight service. Taking advantage of the hours inside an executive aircraft is an alternative for corporate travelers to arrive at a face-to-face meeting in another city, state or even country with a rested body and a mind full of creative ideas.

    Faster route

    A hypothetical situation: an executive needs to attend a last-minute face-to-face meeting in Brasília. But there are no more seating options on commercial flights. What to do? The answer is easy: chartering a seat or a flight that allows you to reach the federal capital on a route that is only 70 minutes long, and also gives the traveler the chance to land in a location close to their destination. Not to mention the goodbye you can give to check-in, hours in advance to arrive at the airport, among other amenities.

    Reserve now

    Whatever the reason for your next trip, we have the right aircraft to transport you. Through the Flapper application and website, the user has access to instant charter quotes, being able to define the places of embarkation and disembarkation, the date and time of the operation and the type of aircraft or helicopter used.

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