• Author: Flávio Carvalho

    Global Express: all about the model | Flapper

    The Global Express revolutionized the ultra-long range aircraft market by combining the most comfortable cabin category with enviable performance. Manufactured by Bombardier, its unique wing design provides great range without impeding operation on short runways, enjoying takeoff and approach at low ... Read more »

    Gulfstream G650ER | All about the model | Flapper

    The Gulfstream G650ER holds the record for the fastest flight in the history of business aviation. The jet elevates the onboard experience to a level of unparalleled luxury and performance. With a carefully designed fuselage, the aircraft provides the ... Read more »

    Learjet 45: all about the model | Flapper

    The Learjet 45, manufactured by Bombardier, is a midsize executive jet, which stands out for its good performance, elegant design and technology advanced. Launched in the 1990s, the L45 is an evolution of the renowned Learjet family of aircraft. Ideal ... Read more »

    Discover the jets with the most spacious cabin

    In an ever-evolving era of business aviation, we dive into the sky to explore a fascinating facet: the transformation of business jet cabins. Over the years, we have noticed their surprising progression, which went from being simple aerial compartments ... Read more »

    Find out which are the newest aircraft available for charter in Brazil

    Brazil has experienced notable growth in the air taxi sector, reflected in the delivery of more than 3,750 aircraft between 2022 and 2023. The number represents an increase of almost 7% compared to the previous year. The fleet of ... Read more »

    Boeing 777: everything about the model | Flapper

    The Boeing 777 , often referred to as the “Triple Seven”, is the world’s best-selling twin-engine widebody aircraft, with more than 1700 units produced. Manufactured by renowned American manufacturer Boeing, it is one of the most desired options for intercontinental on-demand charters. Thanks ... Read more »

    How to get to Interlagos by helicopter to watch F1 GP São Paulo

    For the last three years, Flapper, an urban air mobility company, has been offering shared flights and on-demand charters to GP São Paulo in Interlagos. The 2023 offer includes more aircraft types and complimentary drinks on board the helicopters. On ... Read more »

    Air Taxi in Aspen

    Aspen, located in Colorado, is the top winter destination in the United States. The place is known worldwide for its excellent infrastructure for skiing and other snow activities, attracting many families, extreme sports lovers and many celebrities every year. ... Read more »

    Air Taxi in Gramado

    Gramado, known as the main winter destination in Brazil, receives more than 1.8 million visitors during the low temperature season. About 2 hours away from Porto Alegre, the air taxi service in Gramado is a convenient option for visitors to ... Read more »

    Shared Flights to Angra dos Reis have changed

    Flights to Angra dos Reis have changed. The weekly route departing from São Paulo is being temporarily directed to Paraty Airport. The reason is the completion of works to expand the main runway, which are expected to be completed ... Read more »

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