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    The most popular private airports for skiers in Europe

    Ski enthusiasts in Europe find private airports faster access to the region’s main winter destinations. These exclusive entry points provide athletes with a premium experience, consisting of personalized services, such as dedicated handling and facilities, VIP lounges, among others. ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to rent a helicopter in Colombia?

    Exploring helicopter rental in Colombia represents a sophisticated and practical choice for personalized travel in the region. Flapper has several aircraft options in the country to meet the highest travel standards. What are the costs involved? The costs associated ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to rent a helicopter in Buenos Aires

    Helicopter rental in Buenos Aires is an exclusive and efficient option for personalized travel in the region. With several models from different categories available, we provide executive aviation solutions that combine comfort, convenience and safety in the capital of ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to charter a helicopter in São Paulo?

    Aerial contemplation of São Paulo through helicopter flights offers an exclusive experience, the cost of which is determined by variables such as flight duration, choice of aircraft and additional services. According to data from ANAC, the metropolitan region of ... Read more »

    How much does an air taxi cost in Brazil

    Brazil, with the fifth largest territorial extension on the planet, totaling 8,514,876 km², is behind only Russia, Canada, the United States and China. The country considers the air taxi service as a dynamic and efficient logistical solution for traveling ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to rent a private jet in Punta del Este in 2024?

    Located on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, Punta del Este emerges as an oasis of sophistication and natural beauty in South America. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and elegant architecture, this seaside destination wins hearts with its ... Read more »

    Global 6000: all about the model | Flapper

    The Bombardier Global 6000 represents the essence of refinement and performance in business aviation. With a spacious and striking fuselage, this aircraft offers a unique flying experience. The cockpit, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensures safe and efficient operations. The powerful engines ... Read more »

    Legacy 650: everything about the model | Flapper

    The Embraer Legacy 650 , a long-range executive aircraft, stands out as a sophisticated and versatile model in the business aviation scene. With an elegant design and spacious interior, the Legacy 650 offers a luxurious flying experience, combining exceptional performance and ... Read more »

    Gulfstream G550: all about the model | Flapper

    The Gulfstream G550 , a long-range executive aircraft produced by the renowned Gulfstream Aerospace, represents a milestone in business aviation. Designed to offer a remarkable balance between performance, luxury and operational efficiency, the G550 is widely recognized for its exceptional flight ... Read more »

    King Air B250: everything about the model | Flapper

    The King Air B250 represents the remarkable evolution of the renowned King Air B200 , setting new standards in business aviation. Manufactured by Beechcraft, a division of Textron Aviation, this twin-engine turboprop delights with its refined design and enhanced performance. With the revered ... Read more »

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