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    Charter an aircraft with Flapper

    Citation XLS+, a jet that will blow your mind!

    Evolution of the 560XL family, the Cessna Citation XLS+ is the improved and modernized version of one of the best-selling jets of all time, the Citation Excel. It is an updated aircraft in all its features, from the engines ... Read more »

    Air Taxi in Trancoso

    Chartering an air taxi in Trancoso can be a great opportunity to get to know this small village, which stands out as one of the most beautiful beaches on the extensive and beautiful coast of Bahia. Receiving thousands of ... Read more »

    Report of another international flight carried out by Flapper with excellence

    Meeting demands involving complex logistical operations, even beyond Brazilian borders, is one of the differentials between Flapper’s services. Recently, for example, we were approached by a recurring international customer with the intention of chartering different flights departing and arriving ... Read more »

    Flight report with Flapper in the Middle East

    No matter where you are in the world, whenever you need a jet, Flapper will be your best option. We proved this once again in early December, when one of our repeat clients contacted us directly from Doha, Qatar’s ... Read more »

    Flight report: from Paris to Milan with Flapper

    In business aviation, a good experience is always memorable, and anyone who flies with Flapper will never forget it. In mid-November, following a recommendation from our clients, two new travelers came to us for the first time with a ... Read more »

    Flight report: we transported 44 passengers for a corporate get-together

    Responding to a variety of requests with excellence is one of Flapper’s hallmarks and this flight report is further proof. In December, we were approached by a multinational company in the food industry to transport a group of 44 ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter in Cancún – Mexico

    Lush beaches, golf courses and bustling nightlife. No wonder why Cancún continuously appears within the Latin America’s top 5 private jet destinations. Cancún is a permanent base for 11 turbo-props and private jets. The nearby cities of Playa del Carmen, ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter in Monterrey – Mexico

    Located at the foothills of the Cerro de la Silla, Monterrey is Mexico’s número uno in per-capita income. To charter your private jet in Monterrey is frictionless – the city is home to the second largest general aviation infrastructure ... Read more »

    Helipuerto Capital – Montes Urales (HUM)

    Located at Calle Monte Urales near Mexico’s business district of Polanco, Helipuerto Capital is the main heliport of Ciudad de Mexico and one 84 active helipads in the region you can use with Flapper. Helipad Features Certified for night flight operations ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter in Mexico City and Toluca

    Home to more than 70% of the Mexican private jet fleet, Toluca is the main business aviation hub in Central America. Together with neighboring Mexico City (CDMX) it concentrates the highest number of both fixed-wing operations, as well as ... Read more »

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