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    Boeing 737 BBJ: everything about the model | Flapper

    The Boeing 737 BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is derived from the renowned Boeing 737 commercial airliner . With a fleet of around 188 units operating globally, the BBJ is one of today’s most prestigious executive aircraft, offering incredible range and speed with an extremely ... Read more »

    Bell 429 | All about the model | Flapper

    The twin-engine Bell 429 helicopter , manufactured by the American company Bell Helicopter , is praised for its good performance, technology and versatility. The elegant leather interior pairs well with its luxurious amenities. Thanks to energy-attenuating seats and landing gear with retractable wheels, this model ... Read more »

    HondaJet: everything about the model | Flapper

    The HondaJet HA-420 stands out as an executive aircraft of an innovative nature, illustrating the foray of the renowned automobile company Honda into the aviation sector. The very light jet (VLJ) with capacity to carry up to 6 passengers, can take off ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to buy a plane?

    The acquisition of an aircraft is an asset that simultaneously delights and raises countless questions. Among the various aspects that surround this choice, a fundamental question emerges: “What is the investment required to acquire a private plane?”. The answer to this ... Read more »

    Legacy 600 | All about the model | Flapper

    The Embraer Legacy 600 has a remarkable history, with more than 300 units manufactured. Derived from the Embraer ERJ-135, this executive jet boasts an elongated fuselage and reconfigurable passenger capacity that sets the standard for luxury and efficiency in private air travel. With ... Read more »

    What are the planes most used by agribusiness?

    Responsible for more than 25% of Brazil’s GDP, agribusiness is one of the fundamental pillars of the country’s economy. Covering vast and often remote territories, without access to regular commercial flight lines, executive aviation plays a vital role in boosting ... Read more »

    King Air B200: all about the model | flapper

    The King Air B200 is a turbo-prop aircraft, part of the renowned King Air family. In production since 1974, it is the aircraft with the longest market time in its category, which demonstrates its safety and efficiency. In addition, the model is ... Read more »

    ACJ320Neo: all about the model | Flapper

    The Airbus ACJ320Neo, derived from the modern A320 family of aircraft, is renowned for featuring one of the most luxurious cabins of any business jet available. With three times more internal space than large executive aircraft , it also offers operational efficiency ... Read more »

    Legacy 450: all about the model | Flapper

    The Legacy 450 is a business aircraft known for its exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. Manufactured by the Brazilian company Embraer, this midsize jet is one of the most modern models currently available on the market. Legacy 450 details The Legacy 450 ... Read more »

    What factors should I consider when buying a private aircraft?

    There are many aspects that must be considered when purchasing a private aircraft. Below we list the main ones: Objective The first step in choosing an aircraft is to consider what it will be used for. This will help determine the ... Read more »