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    The acquisition of an aircraft is an asset that simultaneously delights and raises countless questions. Among the various aspects that surround this choice, a fundamental question emerges: “What is the investment required to acquire a private plane?”. The answer to this question involves a thorough analysis of several factors that go beyond the financial value. Below we will tell you in detail what these variables are, as well as the individual cost estimate.

    Discover the types of planes

    Within the scope of business aviation, aircraft are categorized into different segments, which are distinguished by the type and number of engines , as well as size and capacity. This categorization plays a crucial role in understanding the specific characteristics and uses of each aircraft. From piston models to ultra-long-range jets , each class features a unique set of attributes that define its purpose, performance and capabilities.

    Single-engine turboprops | USD 1,500,000 – USD 5,000,000

    Single-engine turboprops are essential in aviation, as they operate on regional executive flights. With the capacity to accommodate 4 to 9 passengers in their cabins, one of the advantages of these examples is the ability to land on short, unpaved runways , thus allowing access to remote and difficult-to-reach locations, especially where there are commercial aviation operations. Most aircraft are pressurized, which makes flights more comfortable at high altitudes, avoiding turbulence. Additionally, we can find models that offer advanced toilets and avionics systems. Two notable examples of turboprops are the Pilatus PC-12 and the Cessna Caravan EX, both known for being safe and versatile aircraft, having the capacity to perform missions in different scenarios, such as executive flights and regional transport.

    Twin-engine turboprops | USD 1,200,000 – USD 8,000,000

    Twin-engine turboprops bridge the gap between single-engine turboprop aircraft and light jets. Like single-engine aircraft, they stand out for operating on short, unpaved runways and many examples have pressurized cabins. Inside, with capacity for 4 to 11 passengers, we find amenities such as a toilet, advanced avionics, retractable tables and comfortable seats. Among the renowned aircraft in this category, we highlight the King Air C90 and the King Air B200 . When comparing the models with single-engine aircraft, we note that they have higher speeds, cargo transport capacity and autonomy, which expands the range of operations.

    Light jets | USD 1,700,000 – USD 12,000,000

    Light jets, often considered the gateway to the world of jet aircraft, play a crucial role in aviation. Capable of accommodating 4 to 9 passengers, these aircraft offer a high-performance travel experience. The highlight lies in the remarkable speed and ability to operate at higher altitudes compared to aircraft in the turboprop category. In addition to this advantage, many examples also offer excellent amenities, including onboard toilets, state-of-the-art avionics systems, spacious luggage compartments, refrigeration centers and reclining seats for greater passenger comfort. Notable examples of this segment include the Cessna Mustang , Phenom 100 , Phenom 300 andCitation CJ4 . These aircraft stand out for their efficiency, advanced technology and ability to meet both the needs of executive flights and short-haul trips with elegance and sophistication.

    Medium jets | USD 2,000,000 – USD 16,000,000

    Midsize jets occupy an intermediate position between small and large aircraft. Accommodating 6 to 10 passengers, they are ideal for medium-duration flights, including intercontinental routes with a single stop. Its expanded advantages over smaller models include greater space and comfort on board. Some aircraft in this category include features such as galleys , divans or sofas, and even flight attendants, to enhance the flying experience. Exemplified by the Citation Sovereign , Falcon 2000 and Legacy 450 , these jets stand out for their efficiency, refinement and comfort on medium-range travel.

    Heavy Jets | USD 10,000,000 – USD 24,000,000

    Heavy jets are designed to meet the needs of long-distance travel with high comfort. With the capacity to carry 10 to 16 passengers, these aircraft are ideal for long-haul flights, such as non-stop intercontinental routes. The interior configuration is divided into sections, allowing the creation of distinct environments for meetings, rest and entertainment. The advantages of this category include sophisticated features such as food preparation areas (Galley), flight attendant, onboard Wi-Fi connectivity, accessible luggage compartment during the flight and seats that can be converted into beds, providing maximum comfort during the journey . Some of the heavy jets include the Global Express , Falcon 900EX and Gulfstream IV-SP.

    Ultra long range jets | USD 25,000,000 – USD 60,000,000

    Ultra-long-range jets constitute a distinct category in executive aviation, meticulously planned for extensive itineraries, combining elegance and comfort. Accommodating 12 to 19 passengers, they connect continents non-stop, such as the South America – Europe route. Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics systems, they guarantee precise and safe navigation. In this class, the cabin can have up to 3 different sections, with bedrooms, a dining area, sofas that can be converted into beds, a bathroom with shower and also a rest area for the crew. Notable examples include the Global 7500 , Falcon 8X and Gulfstream G650ER .

    Flapper in the aircraft sales market

    In 2022, Flapper expanded its operations to another sector: aircraft sales. On our platform, you can browse all the options of helicopters and planes available for sale – there are different models, which fit the most different investment profiles and needs.

    And with our team at your disposal, you will have assistance from the first moment. Before making your decision, we offer an aeronautical consultancy service, searching and selecting the best aircraft on the market that meets the solutions desired by the client. Furthermore, we are responsible for negotiations, with full support for purchases in Brazil or abroad.

    All bureaucracy is done with the support of Flapper, which will do everything from recommending the best legal and operational structure to finalize the purchase to the physical visit for preliminary inspection of the chosen model. Our team’s service also includes referrals for pilots, brokers, engineers and much more.

    The process is carried out with Flapper’s usual security and efficiency, which for years has established itself as the first and main online on-demand marketplace for executive aviation in Latin America.

    In addition to the possibility of purchasing aircraft, with us you can charter jets and helicopters, customizing every detail of the itinerary. On our website or app you can find out about each of the services offered.

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