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    Made in Brazil, the Embraer Phenom 100 is a very light jet that has been on the market since 2008. In these 15 years, the aircraft has been operated by different companies, companies, military institutions and executives from around the world, with more than 400 deliveries .

    The success of this executive aircraft is a blend of recognized engineering expertise and the refined craftsmanship for which the builder is renowned. Thus, we are talking about a jet with an interior designed with a high level of comfort, a silent cockpit and easy-to-read integrated avionics, resulting in very light and very fast equipment.

    Differentiated interior

    All the luxury and refinement of the Phenom 100 cabin was developed in collaboration with the BMW Group DesignworksUSA, creating an environment equipped with ergonomically designed, elegant and comfortable seats and unprecedented space, the largest in its category. Her cabin is tall and wide, offering generous head and leg room. The 2.4 m³ rear luggage compartment also impresses.

    Among the super light jets, the aircraft’s large windows also stand out, making the interior bright and providing trips that make you disembark refreshed. There are also entertainment systems on board and an intelligent climate control system, which allows two different temperature zones.

    In the standard configuration, passengers are spread across four seats arranged in club seating . In addition, depending on the internal assembly, it is possible to increase the capacity for up to six passengers. The maximum is eight occupants, with two crew members on the aircraft.

    Um bar totalmente abastecido oferece o necessário aos passageiros. As grandes mesas tornam as reuniões de negócios no caminho confortáveis ​​e produtivas. Outras comodidades incluem um lavatório químico totalmente fechado. Dessa maneira, o Phenom 100 se apresenta como a opção ideal para escapadas de fim de semana ou voos executivos curtos.

    Embraer Phenom 100 data sheet

    Discover the configuration that makes the Phenom 100 one of the main jets on the market

    Crew: 1 or 2 pilots

    Capacity: 4 passengers in standard configuration. Up to 6 depending on interior layout

    Length: 12.82m

    Wingspan: 12.3 m

    Height: 4.35m

    Wing area: 18.76 m²

    Empty weight: 3,275 kg

    Maximum takeoff weight: 4,800 kg

    Fuel capacity: 1272 kg

    Cabin height: 1.5m

    Cabin length: 3.35 m

    Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E turbofan engines

    Top speed: 864 km/h (Mach 0.7)

    Cruising speed: 750 km/h

    Range: Between 1,700 km and 2,100 km, depending on the number of occupants

    Maximum Altitude: 12,497 m (41,000 ft)

    Takeoff distance: 975 m

    Landing distance: 741 m (2,431 ft)

    Avionics: Embraer “Prodigy Touch” Flight Deck (based on Garmin G3000)

    Potency and effectiveness

    All these configurations allow the Phenom 100 to perform at the top of its category, even being faster than all its competitors, despite being larger. Another differential is its economy and the capacity for a light and peaceful flight , avoiding traffic at 41,000 feet.

    Its engines provide an overhaul of 3,500 hours and are extremely fuel efficient. Furthermore, they were developed for the Brazilian company by Pratt & Whitney Canada, world leader in the sector.

    In addition to power, the Phenom 100 was developed to make life easier for pilots, making handling the equipment more instinctive. The all-glass, dark and silent cockpit maintains the intelligence of the aircraft’s interior design. Meanwhile, the Prodigy Fligh Deck 100 system – designed by pilots for pilots – and its easy-to-read avionics make the piloting experience more intuitive, enabling single-crew handling.

    Get your Embraer Phenom 100 with Flapper

    “Ready when you are”, that’s the motto of this aircraft. In summary, we are talking about an airplane with the best of Embraer’s elegant engineering. Its use is unprecedented and is based on four vital pillars for any competitive jet: easy operation; simple maintenance; exceptional reliability; and extended economic life.

    It is an aircraft, therefore, easy to maintain and easy to operate. The Phenom 100 does not require constant inspections and the possibility of inspections at longer intervals is a result of the maintenance methodology developed for the model. As for availability, the model was designed for an economic life of 35,000 cycles, far above its competitors, which are in the 15,000 cycle range.

    To acquire one of these, you can count on Flapper. We support you throughout the process, conducting consultations , negotiating terms and conditions, verifying owner and aircraft documents, visiting the aircraft for preliminary inspection and much more.

    You can also access our shopping platform, available on the website or in the app, where you can find out about all the possibilities for helicopters and planes that are currently being sold. With Flapper, a complex and bureaucratic process becomes a simple task. Count on us!

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