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    Those who utilize commercial aviation know that comfort is often simply not part of the flying experience. Having to fight for leg or elbow room with the passenger next to you is one of the most unpleasant situations on an aircraft. That’s why many opt for air taxi and executive aviation, looking for more privacy and convenience, in an experience where you won’t have to wait in line to board, and will have guaranteed space in your seat.

    If you’re new to this area, you’ll find that jets and helicopters have different internal configurations, with seats that can more commonly point to the cockpit (front) or tail (rear) of the plane. In some layouts, the seats may also face the interior of the aircraft. A common question when chartering one of these flights is: what does a club seating configuration mean when you fly a private jet?

    Club seating is nothing more than an arrangement in which the seats face each other, allowing passengers to more easily interact. The most common type of this configuration on airplanes is when two seats face each other. There is also this type of seating in helicopters, usually with five or six seats – one row facing away from the cockpit, and the other facing forward, as in the Bell 429 or the Agusta Grand.

    Aircraft With Seats In The Club Seating Configuration

    If the description of an aircraft indicates that there is a club seating area, it does not mean, however, that all seats will be arranged in this way, or that there will only be four seats. In addition to this area, aircraft often have other seats arranged in different ways throughout the interior space, as you will see below.

    Aircraft With Seats In The Club Seating Configuration

    Cessna Citation XLS+: an aircraft that offers unprecedented productivity and comfort for short range and medical flights, of up to 3,890 kilometers in length. It has an above-average noise-canceling cabin with a triple-glazed door. Of the eight seats that this aircraft offers, four of them are arranged as club seating. There are amenities such as individual DVD monitors, an LED lighting system, an enclosed lavatory, and a moving map cabin display system.

    Cessna Citation CJ3: a perfect model for short and medium range corporate travel, known for its economical layout, which holds up to eight people, four of them in club seating. The aircraft is equipped with a lavatory, entertainment system, and an exceptionally quiet cabin. Leather armchairs, folding tables, a minibar, and an on-board information center are available.

    Beechcraft King Air B200: This turboprop is known as “go anywhere, anytime”. Its layout has one side-facing seat, two aft, and a four-seat club seating configuration, all finished in light leather. Passengers can enjoy folding tables and extra legroom in this extremely quiet, spacious, and safe cabin. The model is so sought after that it is currently the only turboprop authorized to transport the president of the United States in the event of a national emergency.

    Piper Cheyenne I: This aircraft, in addition to an additional side-facing seat, carries four passengers in a club seating configuration. Its forte is an excellent safety record, largely due to the powerful engines and ease of maintenance.

    What Are The Advantages Of Seats In Club Seating?

    If you travel on business mainly with co-workers, this is the ideal option to transform flight time into working productive time. After all, in a quiet, comfortable, and safe environment, it is possible to extend meetings and brainstorming sessions  inside the aircraft.

    These seats are often equipped with either individual tables or a central table, which facilitates the use of cell phones, tablets, and computers. Combined with the availability of Wi-Fi onboard, club seating can help teams effectively get their hands dirty during their journeys, creating presentations, projects, and reports while they interact and fly.

    In the case of a leisure flight, club seating is also an important differential. For executives, who are always busy, it is a way to make the travel period a pleasant experience with their family.

    Instead of queues at airport terminals and tight and distant seats, with the right aircraft and this seat configuration, the experience will have hassle-free boarding, providing a flight where family and friends can travel together, sharing good times even before reaching their destination.

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