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    How to stay informed about Empty Legs?

    In a world full of exceptional travel opportunities, staying informed about Empty Legs flights is crucial to unlocking great opportunities. Discover how to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to extraordinary travel experiences. Ready to pack your ... Read more »

    What are the executive jets in production by Embraer

    Embraer, recognized in the aerospace market, maintains a diversified portfolio of executive jets. Its reputation for quality, efficiency and advanced technology places it at the top of the aviation industry. Current models, which cover different travel classes and purposes, ... Read more »

    Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tours

    With 50 years of collective experience Flapper Team is uniquely positioned to offer safe and sophisticated helicopter tour experiences in Rio de Janeiro. We are Brazil’s only tour operator certified by Wyvern Safety and ARGUS International and boast excellent ... Read more »

    Fly carbon neutral with Flapper

    Flapper’s Book and Claim system provides you with an effective and reliable way of neutralizing your carbon emissions. The green fuel purchased by Flapper on your behalf will be used on subsequent flights around the world, granting you the environmental advantages without ... Read more »

    Very Light Jets: comparison between aircraft in the category

    The Very Light Jets (VLJs) category covers the smallest private jet planes on the market, normally used for flights lasting up to 2h30. With the capacity to comfortably transport up to 4 passengers in a club seating configuration , it is possible ... Read more »

    Discover some of the highest helipads in Brazil

    In the vast Brazilian territory, full of geographic challenges and diverse landscapes, helipads play an undeniably important role in facilitating connectivity and mobility, especially in densely populated urban areas and remote regions with complex access. The country has an ... Read more »

    What is a charter flight?

    Dentro do contexto da aviação, os voos fretados são aqueles que não seguem uma programação fixa, diferente da previsibilidade dos voos comerciais convencionais. Esse tipo de serviço é cuidadosamente planejado para suprir as necessidades de cada passageiro ou grupo, ... Read more »

    What is the highest rated air taxi company in the world?

    In the aviation industry, the demand for excellent air taxi services is constant. This factor encourages travelers to look for the best evaluated companies before hiring an executive air service. The search for quality covers a wide range of options, ranging ... Read more »

    VIP Airliners: Know the available options

    VIP Airliners are exclusive aircraft that provide VVIP transportation for individuals, businesses and government entities. With a global fleet of more than 300 aircraft, these jets provide an unrivaled level of comfort and sophistication. Each aircraft is carefully customized to meet ... Read more »

    Flapper announces new functions based on Artificial Intelligence

    We announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience of our app. With technology, we hope to make services more dynamic and personalized. The announcement was made during the 2023 edition of IAX – Intelligence Artificial ... Read more »

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