• Author: Paul Malicki

    What is a charter flight?

    Within the context of aviation, charter flights are those that do not follow a fixed schedule, different from the predictability of conventional commercial flights. This type of service is carefully planned to meet the needs of each passenger or group, with greater ... Read more »

    What is the highest rated air taxi company in the world?

    In the aviation industry, the demand for excellent air taxi services is constant. This factor encourages travelers to look for the best evaluated companies before hiring an executive air service. The search for quality covers a wide range of options, ranging ... Read more »

    VIP Airliners: Know the available options

    VIP Airliners are exclusive aircraft that provide VVIP transportation for individuals, businesses and government entities. With a global fleet of more than 300 aircraft, these jets provide an unrivaled level of comfort and sophistication. Each aircraft is carefully customized to meet ... Read more »

    Flapper announces new functions based on Artificial Intelligence

    We announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience of our app. With technology, we hope to make services more dynamic and personalized. The announcement was made during the 2023 edition of IAX – Intelligence Artificial ... Read more »

    Flapper launches Fly Legal tool to combat clandestine air taxi

    Flapper launched a tool to help combat clandestine air taxis in Brazil: Fly Legal. The solution allows users to verify whether an air taxi company is authorized to operate in the segment and whether the aircraft to be used ... Read more »

    Flapper receives ARGUS certification, becomes the first ARGUS certified broker in the Southern Hemisphere

    The approval marks the first time Flapper has performed the face-to-face audit of a charter broker meeting all the necessary requirements. Flapper is the first company based in South America to earn ARGUS® Certified Broker certification. Flapper is now ... Read more »

    What is a FBO in executive aviation?

    FBO is one of the terms that we hear most about in executive aviation. We usually associate this acronym with airports, especially those where private flights operate. However, it has a broader concept. Let us explain it for you. ... Read more »

    Flapper partners with Destinus for high-speed cargo flights

    Brazil/Switzerland – (September 15, 2022) – Flapper, leading executive aviation platform on demand, has signed a letter of intent with Destinus SA, a European aerospace company that develops high-speed hydrogen-powered aircraft. The LOI represents a commitment by both companies ... Read more »

    Flapper at LABACE 22: Check out the new features presented

    LABACE (Latin America Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition) took place in São Paulo, Brazil, between August 9 and 11 , 2022, after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that plagued the world and, especially, aviation at all ... Read more »

    Private Jet and Helicopter Charter in Belo Horizonte

    Comfortably headquartered in the city of Belo Horizonte, Flapper Team boasts decades of experience in commercializing air charter flights in the state of Minas Gerais region. Our service offering includes private jet charter, helicopter charter and FBO services at ... Read more »

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