• Author: Paul Malicki

    Flapper announces the launch of aircraft sales division

    Flapper, the leading executive aviation platform on demand, will open its own used executive aircraft sales division later this year. The official announcement will be made during the 17th edition of LABACE – the largest business event in the ... Read more »

    What are the famous jets?

    Traveling around Brazil or even to other continents without having to worry about buying tickets, flight schedule, time-consuming check-in procedures or queues at airports, in addition to privacy and comfort, are known advantages of executive aviation. And a few ... Read more »

    Fleet of executive jets increases almost 10% between 2021 and 2022

    Brazilian executive aviation continues to grow strongly. When analyzing the advance in the number of general aviation aircraft, we came across the following number: there were 60 executive jets added to the national fleet between April 2021 and the ... Read more »

    Shared flights in private aviation: learn how they work

    The aviation is changing. Every day, this sector offers more travel options for people. Shared flights are a good example. Today, this option become an interesting proposal for who search fast and exclusive trips. Flapper is one of the ... Read more »

    Air Taxi in São Paulo

    Located strategically at Congonhas and Campo de Marte airports, Flapper Team is uniquely positioned to offer sophisticated and safe air taxi services in São Paulo and its large metropolitan area. As well as regular passenger operations, our service offering ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter in Brazil

    As a regional leader in business aviation services the Flapper Team boasts decades of experience in realizing private jet charter flights to and from Brazil. Our service offering includes private jets of different cabin class, including light jets, heavy ... Read more »

    What prevents collisions between flights?

    So-called mid-air collisions are rare, but extremely dangerous. They usually result in the crash of one of the planes involved. Traffic Anti-Collision System: Advantages and Risks In the 1950s, with an increase in the incidence of this type of ... Read more »

    Transporting pets in flight: Flapper requirements

    Even if it is for a brief period, traveling as a family is always a cause for concern and anxiety for those who have pets. With no alternative places to leave their pets, many choose to take them with ... Read more »

    Is It Possible For An Inexperienced Passenger To Land A Plane?

    It can look like the plot of an action movie, be the nightmare of those who are afraid to fly, or even the dream of the most heroic or courageous: if the pilot has a problem that prevents them ... Read more »

    Reasons to Cancel a Flight For Safety Reasons

    How many times have you been surprised when planning a flight and discovered that, for some reason, takeoff could not take place safely? The moments before a flight are very important in ensuring everyone’s safety and, despite the frustration ... Read more »