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    Aircraft Charter / VIP Airliners: Know the available options

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    VIP Airliners are exclusive aircraft that provide VVIP transportation for individuals, businesses and government entities. With a global fleet of more than 300 aircraft, these jets provide an unrivaled level of comfort and sophistication. Each aircraft is carefully customized to meet passengers’ specific travel needs. The category raises the bar for excellence in air transport.

    What are VIP Airliners?

    Initially designed to carry more than 100 passengers, VIP Airliners underwent significant transformations to suit the VVIP segment. Today, these aircraft are meticulously configured to accommodate between 15 and 70 passengers, offering an environment of unparalleled luxury. The personalized interior is usually configured with spacious and retractable armchairs, different zones, meeting rooms, bedrooms equipped with queen or king size beds and even bathrooms with showers. Such aircraft with intercontinental range, are able to conquer even the most demanding passengers.

    Discover the models available for charter

    Passengers: 18
    Speed: 820 km/h
    Range: 7,700 km

    Passengers: 50
    Speed: 830 km/h
    Range: 12,500 km

    Passengers: 26
    Speed: 871 km/h
    Range: 11,000 km

    Passengers: 64
    Speed: 830 km/h
    Range: 7,400 km

    Passengers: 52
    Speed: 610 km/h
    Range: 4,500 km

    Passengers: 18
    Speed: 840 km/h
    Range: 11,500 km

    Passengers: 62
    Speed: 848 km/h
    Range: 7,200 km

    Passengers: 51
    Speed: 850 km/h
    Range: 12,000 km

    Passengers: 18
    Speed: 843 km/h
    Range: 8,700 km

    Comparison between models




    How to charter a VIP Airliner on demand?

    If you are looking to increase your productivity, or even visit distant locations that are not served by regular air transport, Flapper is the ideal platform to help you. We have VIP Airliners ready to serve you. Through our platform, with flexibility and freedom of choice, it will be possible to choose some of the most established models on the market very quickly and easily. Visit the  Flapper website  or download our app and discover all our facilities! 


    Do you prefer to get in touch by Email or Whatsapp to customize your route? Just click the button below:

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