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    Flapper’s Book and Claim system provides you with an effective and reliable way of neutralizing your carbon emissions. The green fuel purchased by Flapper on your behalf will be used on subsequent flights around the world, granting you the environmental advantages without having to transport the fuel to the precise destination of your flight.

    How to offset my private jet flight carbon footprint

    When your flight is done, our system will calculate the jet fuel consumed and the amount of green fuel necessary to balance out its environmental impact. For every flight booked with Flapper, a portion of its carbon footprint is automatically offset. You can select from four different options to offset the full amount.

    • Level (I): 5% of SAF
    • Level (II): 20% of SAF
    • Level (III): 50% of SAF
    • Level (IV): 100% of SAF

    We take a direct approach using carbon insetting, i.e. purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from selected locations around the world through our partners 360 Jet Fuel. The company sources physical SAF quantities from ISCC+ certified suppliers, including Neste, CEPSA and Ola Energy.

    What exactly is green jet fuel

    Green jet fuel, better known as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), is biofuel made from non-petroleum-based feedstocks such as crops, municipal waste, or others. The airplanes can use the SAF, with a blend of up to 50 percent with regular jet fuel. All major regulatory organizations globally, including those in the United States (Sustainable Skies Act), the European Union (Emissions Trading Scheme) and Brazil (PL ‘Combustível do Futuro’), advocate for the utilization of SAF. Studies have shown that switching to Sustainable Aviation Fuel can significantly reduce lifecycle CO2 emissions by 60% compared to fossil jet fuel.

    Why Book and Claim is the best tool we have to decarbonize air travel

    This Book and Claim separates the physical supply of jet fuel from the acknowledgment of its environmental benefits associated with using sustainable fuels. In other words, the fuel we just bought with your help can be used for another flight, either one operated by Flapper partners or other airlines.

    Book and Claim System for Sustainable Aviation Fuels

    This system guarantees transparent and verifiable claims regarding SAF usage and its environmental impact. Contrary to other carbon offseting methods, carbon insetting allows you to easily compensate 100% of your direct carbon footprint.

    The cost to offset carbon emissions of your private jet flight

    In compliance with IATA regulations, Flapper stipulates that for every 3.16T of CO2 released, 1 tonne of SAF is utilized to balance out its carbon footprint. The current pricing for 2023 for one liter of SAF is US$ 2.5 + taxes.

    It takes around 4000L of jet fuel to complete the 5-hour Manaus to Miami Medevac flight on the much-sought-after Learjet 60 jet. A direct 5% emission reduction on such flight amounts to approx. US$ 500 per flight leg. A business flight between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Embraer Phenom 300 consumes approximately 650 liters of fuel. A 20% compensation will cost you approx. $330 US dollars.

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