• Author: Paul Malicki

    How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet For International Flights?

    With 21 active international airports, Brazil alone has more airfields capable of receiving flights from all over the world than the rest of South America combined (20). If we consider the airports through which international cargo passes, there are ... Read more »

    Executive Aviation: A Beginner’s Guide 2022

    Although Brazil is one of the countries that appears in the list of those with the largest number of executive aircraft – planes and helicopters – in operation worldwide, the world of private aviation is still unknown even among ... Read more »

    Private Jet Charter to and From Brazil

    Brazil is the second largest executive aviation market in the world. Data collected in March 2022 show that the country has a fleet of 8,891 general aviation aircraft, of which 738 are private jets. The air taxi fleet consists ... Read more »

    Piston, Turbo-Propeller, or Jet: What Are the Differences Between Major Types of Executive Aircraft Engines?

    Surely you know someone who is afraid of boarding an aircraft equipped with turbo-propeller engines (and you yourself may share this fear). If the fear is even greater, flying in an aircraft equipped with piston engines may even be ... Read more »

    Flight Attendants In Executive Aviation: When Is The Presence Of More Than One Crew Member Required?

    Located in many parts of the world, including Brazil, FlightSafety has become over the last decades a reference point in teaching, preparing, and training commercial and executive aircraft crews. In their offices, on the walls of the classrooms, a famous phrase ... Read more »

    Can a Wet Runway Become a Hazard?

    Perhaps the main factor of discomfort or insecurity when flying, whether for frequent travelers or not, is facing heavy rains and adverse weather conditions. Storms, lack of visibility, wet runways… this all tends to scare passengers. In both commercial and ... Read more »

    How Does Weather Affect Your Flight?

    How many times have you been surprised before a flight to learn that the weather was not favorable for takeoff to take place safely? Or how many times has a circling holding pattern before landing made your trip last ... Read more »

    Tips To Make Your Trip More Comfortable

    Travel provides moments experienced in significantly varied ways by different customers. Some see a journey as a quick day trip between major cities, enough to solve bureaucratic business issues. Other customers enjoy every second, from the trip to the ... Read more »

    Why Are Most Executive Aircraft White?

    Although this question may seem simple, it is certainly on the minds of many air transport users, especially those in business aviation. There are a number of reasons that explain the advantages of paintwork, especially on airplanes, being mostly ... Read more »

    Clandestine Air Taxi: Learn How to Avoid Pitfalls

    When you enter the Flapper app or website to book an air taxi flight, you are contracting a service that is highly regulated, complying with various standards so that the operation achieves the highest possible level of safety. Brazil – together with ... Read more »