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    How many times have you been surprised when planning a flight and discovered that, for some reason, takeoff could not take place safely? The moments before a flight are very important in ensuring everyone’s safety and, despite the frustration of having a delayed or canceled flight, when it comes to aviation, certain conditions cannot be neglected. Thus, there are numerous factors that can cause a flight delay or cancellation.

    When you book a trip with Flapper, you are contracting a highly regulated service that complies with the most complete safety standards. Thus, you can be sure that you will travel with the greatest tranquility, comfort, convenience and, above all, safety! We look forward to seeing you on your next flight!

    Weather issues

    Weather is one of the most important issues in flight planning. Long before boarding, a team of pilots and operational technical dispatchers are working to ensure you have a safe and smooth journey. Several factors, such as heavy rains, wind, or fog can compromise the safety of your flight.

    Today, flight planning has become much more sophisticated, allowing pilots to have more accurate weather information, such as high-definition satellite images and weather charts that contain detailed information about weather conditions. In addition, most of the aircraft used in executive aviation and air taxi in Brazil have numerous technological advances, making the weather conditions that will be faced increasingly predictable. In any case, as it is a natural phenomenon, weather conditions can change suddenly from one hour to the next, and in these cases, the most important thing is to prioritize takeoff safety, even if it means canceling or delaying a flight.

    Aircraft Conditions

    Flight cancellation due to aircraft technical issues is not uncommon. The procedure that determines these conditions is called a checklist, a list of tasks and behaviors that must be followed before, during, and after the operation in order to ensure the operational safety of the flight. This procedure, in short, consists of a detailed observation of all the items present on a detailed list, a process that takes time and must be undertaken to prevent any problems on a flight.

    The checklist is a fundamental instrument to ensure that no aircraft equipment is damaged during the flight and, above all, that no lives are lost! In this sense, when performing the check, any non-compliance on the list, such as cracks or leaks, fuel level, tire conditions, or even the condition of seats and seat belts can be reasons for delays or flight cancellations.

    Safety first

    As you may have already noticed, there are several reasons that can cause a flight delay or cancellation. All these issues are taken into account with a single purpose: to ensure the safety of passengers. That’s why Flapper is committed to the “zero accidents – zero incidents” vision. All partner air taxi companies have an impeccable safety record and, in addition, Flapper follows strict safety standards, established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS), ensuring safety at all stages of the flight.

    When you book a trip with Flapper, before your takeoff, several safety steps are carried out so that you can fly with greater peace of mind. Check below for some of the conditions that are taken into account before starting your flight.

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