• Author: Paul Malicki

    Executive Jets: Check Out The Models With The Longest Range

    Long-range aircraft are able to cross the Atlantic or reach the United States in comfort and safety. Anyone who thinks that executive aviation is intended only for short and domestic journeys is wrong. With the right executive jet, intercontinental itineraries can ... Read more »

    Light Executive Jets: What Are The Advantages Of Using Them?

    Certainly one of the greatest needs of frequent executive aviation users is flexibility. Being able to be in different cities in a single day, regardless of the size and infrastructure of the locations to be served, is a crucial ... Read more »

    What Does Club Seating Mean In Private Aviation?

    Those who utilize commercial aviation know that comfort is often simply not part of the flying experience. Having to fight for leg or elbow room with the passenger next to you is one of the most unpleasant situations on an aircraft. ... Read more »

    Learn Some of the Most Common Terms in Executive Aviation

    We have already covered a bit about the communication between pilots, crew, and air traffic control towers when we explained the operation and origins of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, also known as the aviation phonetic alphabet or, especially in Brazil, the ... Read more »

    Go-Around: Why Is It Necessary?

    Frequently headlines on various news portals and social networks announce go-arounds of aircraft, whether from commercial or executive aviation, at airports across Brazil and the world. This created in the collective imagination a belief that a go-around seconds before ... Read more »

    How to Choose the Best Jet for Your Flight

    When accessing our website or our mobile platform for Android or iOS, you, our customer, have certainly noticed the different models of aircraft that Flapper offers for your leisure or business trip. Several options are totally comfortable and reliable ... Read more »

    Emergency Landing in a Hostile Country: What Happens if it Occurs?

    In recent decades aviation has experienced a constant improvement in all technological aspects related to flight, especially in the safety and security features added to aircraft and flight planning sectors of air taxi companies and regular commercial airlines. However, ... Read more »

    Empty Leg or Charter: Which Is The Best Option For You?

    Brazil is a huge market in the global air taxi sector. It is estimated that the country is second only to the United States, the world leader in business aviation. Added to this is the fact that, even with ... Read more »

    10 Myths About Executive Aviation You Need To Know

    Executive jets have always permeated the popular imagination as expensive and inaccessible “toys”. Currently, the reality is different: little by little, private aircraft or those belonging to air taxis have left behind the stigma of being extravagant objects, and ... Read more »

    Fear of Planes: 5 Tips to Help You Overcome a Fear of Flying

    Flying is not, and will hardly be, a normal activity for any human being. We are terrestrial beings, designed to walk and remain in constant motion on dry land. Even so, we know that in our daily lives we ... Read more »

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