• Author: Paul Malicki

    Executive Aircraft: Models in Films and TV Series

    Executive aviation is featured in several movies and TV series. Some of the models shown are frequently seen in the skies over Brazil, and can even be used by you through Flapper’s services. Let’s discover more about them?   It ... Read more »

    Sustainable Aircraft: How To Rent and Utilize Them?

    Adapting to the future, while contributing to the preservation of the environment and facilitating the movement of people between cities and countries is the joint objective of operators, manufacturers, and society as a whole. Few areas have had such ... Read more »

    We Explain in 5 Steps Why Chartering an Aircraft Increases Your Productivity

    A charter flight is the best option for those looking for comfort, privacy and security to think about work.

    Shared Ownership of Airplanes: Understand the New Rules

    Inclusion of new rules in RBAC 91 aims to reduce bureaucracy in general and executive aviation in Brazil

    The Language of Airplanes: What Are the Most Frequent Noises and Movements of an Aircraft?

    If you are a frequent traveler, it is possible that you’ve become familiar with the environment of airplanes, and that something has already drawn your curiosity and attention. But if you’re flying for the first time, don’t worry: your ... Read more »

    Traveling First Class or Air Taxi: Discover the Advantages of each Mode

    When it comes to flying with exclusivity and comfort, we usually think of commercial flights in first class or air taxi. Regardless of the modality chosen, customers have a series of amenities that are not found in economy class ... Read more »

    Flapper Partners With magniX to Electrify Aviation in Latin America

    Flapper and magniX, the company powering the electric aviation revolution today announced an agreement for Flapper to purchase up to 20 magni650 Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs) for the conversion of Cessna Caravans to electric aircraft, with an expected launch ... Read more »

    How an executive aircraft is cleaned

    On any trip booked with Flapper, when you arrive at your departure point and board the chartered aircraft, you will find equipment in perfect flight condition: clean, organized and comfortable, so that your itinerary is carried out with the ... Read more »

    Flapper and EVE, an Embraer Company, Are New Partners in Latin America

    Companies work with the objective of creating and consolidating the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market in the region.

    Helicopters Can Fly at Night? We Tell You the Details

    There is some speculation about whether helicopters can fly at night and, although the rules vary according to the country, the truth is that twin-engine aircraft with the capacity of flight by instrument (we will elaborate on this concept ... Read more »

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