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    We announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience of our app. With technology, we hope to make services more dynamic and personalized.

    The announcement was made during the 2023 edition of IAX – Intelligence Artificial Experience, held in São Paulo. “We are currently working on solutions for the service team to respond to a greater number of requests, in less time and with better quality. For this, the first contact will be automated by AI. Cases that require greater complexity will be redirected to human beings, who will also be able to use technology to consult internal data”, comments Heverton Rodrigues, CTO at Flapper.

    The innovation will also allow the customization of contents via the app. By taking into account the last flights taken and the main searches for destinations, the most relevant routes will be displayed for each user. Also noteworthy is the sending of more attractive offers via WhatsApp and push notifications.

    In the long term, we want to expand the use of artificial intelligence within our systems. “Currently, one of our greatest challenges is the complexity of making a quotation with maximum precision. There are a variety of airports, aircraft models, flight rules, limitations on weight and size of runways, among others. The aid of AI will be fundamental for the collection and processing of this information. By facilitating their human interpretation, quotations will be more accurate.”, adds the executive.

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