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    There are many aspects that must be considered when purchasing a private aircraft. Below we list the main ones:


    The first step in choosing an aircraft is to consider what it will be used for. This will help determine the type of equipment and category best suited to your needs. For example, if you frequently fly long distances, you will need an aircraft with greater range and fuel capacity. If you want to fly to small and remote airport locations, you may need one capable of taking off and landing on short runways and with a more robust design.


    Budget is a key factor in determining what type of aircraft you can purchase. The price of private aircraft can range from a few hundred thousand dollars for a small single-engine plane to tens of millions of dollars for a large long-range jet. It is important to consider not only the initial purchase price, but also ongoing operating costs such as fuel, hangar, maintenance and staffing expenses.

    Size and Capacity

    The size and capacity of the aircraft will depend on the number of people it will need to transport and the amount of luggage or cargo it will carry. Larger aircraft generally involve more purchase and maintenance expenses, but can be more cost-effective if you frequently fly with a large number of people or a lot of cargo.


    An aircraft’s range is the maximum distance it can fly without stopping to refuel. This is an important consideration if you want to fly long distances frequently or to remote locations.


    Performance characteristics such as takeoff and landing distances, rate of climb and cruising speed can be important depending on the type of flying you want to do. For example, for landings and takeoffs in places with unpaved runways , you will need an aircraft that performs well on runways of this type.


    Safety is an extremely important factor when choosing an aircraft. Look for one with a good safety record and proven reliability.

    Maintenance and Support

    It is important to consider the cost of maintaining and supporting the desired aircraft. For some models, there are faster maintenance and support locations, which can make it easier and faster to maintain and repair the aircraft.

    Resale Value

    An aircraft’s resale value can be an important consideration, especially if you plan to sell the aircraft in the future. As time goes by, some aircraft tend to hold their market value better than others.

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