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    Capitals are the center of a country, but in the case of Brazil, Brasília’s location makes this nickname more literal than elsewhere. Right in the middle of the map of a continental nation, the Federal District was built to help populate the interior of the vast Brazilian territory. The strategic position is valuable for many sectors of the economy, but it must be recognized that few benefit as much as the air taxi in Brasília.

    The relationship between Brasília and aviation has existed since the city was just an idea, back in the 1950s. A competition was opened to define the project for the new capital of Brazil, and 26 applicants took the chance. It was from the lines of urban planner Lúcio Costa, winner of the election, that a pilot plan was born that, seen from above, with its two large perpendicular axes, resembled an airplane.

    When to fly

    The Brasilia of great architectural works became a reality in a short time. Today, a sixty-year-old city, the capital of Brazil proved the importance of interiorizing the country’s population, one of the goals of President Juscelino Kubitschek when implementing the proposal. For aviation, this flow towards the center of Brazil’s territory made Brasília the natural hub to connect all regions of a continental country.

    Currently, the Federal District is home to around 3 million fixed inhabitants and a few thousand more occasional residents, attracted by the public machinery to the federal capital. This corporate character means that air taxis in Brasília have a slightly seasonal flow, spread almost evenly throughout the year.

    Air Taxi in Brasília: Airports

    Brasília Airport (BSB; SBBR)

    Part of the top 5 busiest air terminals in Brazil, Brasília International Airport is an important distribution hub for passengers who cross the vast Brazilian territory on a daily basis. It operates commercial routes to all the country’s capitals, something that further strengthens Brasília’s already well-structured air taxi sector, which benefits from the demand of passengers coming from regions far from the big cities.

    The entire structure of terminals and equipment, combined with easy access to the center of the Federal District, make Brasília International Airport a safe choice for those on executive aviation flights. Its hangar sector is home to important national air taxi companies, resulting in a great offer of aircraft, with models that suit the most varied types of operation.

    Brasília Aerodrome – Botelho (SIQE)

    In view of the expansion of the air taxi sector in Brasília, the idea of having in the federal capital an alternative runway that exclusively carries out landings and take-offs for executive aviation was welcomed by operators and customers in the region. In this sense, the Brasília Aerodrome project gained momentum, which is located in São Sebastião, within the Federal District, on the margins of BR-251 and about 25 minutes from the center of Brasília.

    With a paved runway measuring 1,550 meters in length, capable of receiving small and medium-sized aircraft, the Botelho Aerodrome is an excellent option for those traveling to Brasília. Before, wishing to avoid the International Airport, I ended up choosing the airports in Goiás Formosa (SWFR) and Luziânia (SWUZ), both 1 hour away by car from Brasília. Botelho has 119 hangars with an average size of 324 m² that house around 260 aircraft.

    Air Taxi in Brasília: Available Aircraft

    Robinson R44 II – Entry model for the air taxi sector, the R44 is one of the most used helicopters for short-term urban transfers. Up to 3 passengers with small luggage can fly aboard it, which can be used on routes to cities around Brasília, such as Anápolis (50 minutes) and Alto Paraíso de Goiás (80 minutes).

    Caravan EX – Also known as the Cessna 208, its versatility explains why it is one of the most used aircraft in the air taxi sector. This robust single engine is capable of operating landings on grass or dirt runways. Therefore, the Caravan is ideal for those traveling to the countryside, being able to fly to farms in the states neighboring the Federal District. The EX model carries up to 9 passengers.

    Citation Ultra – The light jet produced by Cessna increases in comfort and agility the displacements of those departing from Brasília. With the structure to transport up to 8 passengers (and luggage compartment for up to 9 suitcases), the Citation Ultra has the autonomy to fly more than 2,000 kilometers. Taking advantage of the privileged location of the federal capital, this means that it is capable of carrying out operations to any destination on Brazilian soil – such as Fortaleza, which is less than 3 hours away.

    Global Express – For those on a larger budget and looking for maximum comfort on long-haul flights, Global Express is an excellent option. Produced by Bombardier, this model has the autonomy to fly over 11 thousand kilometers and, departing from Brasília, it reaches any South American city and is capable of flying directly to destinations in the United States and Europe. In its refined interior, up to 13 passengers can travel who, if they so choose, can be accompanied by a flight attendant.

    Air Taxi in Brasília: Must Go Routes

    Check below itineraries departing from Brasília aboard the aircraft mentioned in this article. The actual quotations were carried out on Flapper’s platform:

    Model: Robinson R44 II

    Passengers: 3

    Flight time: 51 minutes

    Model: Caravan EX

    Passengers: 9

    Flight time: 212 minutes

    Model: Citation Ultra

    Passengers: 8

    Flight time: 176 minutes

    Model: Global Express

    Passengers: 14

    Flight time: 574 minutes

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