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    Since October 12, 2022, landing and take-off operations at Fernando de Noronha airport [FEN; SBFN] have been prohibited for aircraft with reaction engines – such as commercial aircraft and jets. The decision is a safety measure and was taken by the Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) because of the bad conditions of the runway.

    It is expected that repair works, which have already commenced, will continue. After the improvements have been completed, operations are expected to resume, as the infrastructure will then comply with the requirements of the Brazilian Civil Aviation Regulations (RBAC).

    To preserve the archipelago, the government of Pernambuco usually maintains a high standard of safety on site, in addition to controlling the number of tourists. Since 2016, Flapper has successfully offered jet flights and air taxi services to the region, respecting all the regulations and offering the best possible experience for those who want to visit this paradise destination.

    Meanwhile, we continue to offer air taxi flights to Fernando de Noronha, as any aircraft with permission to fly over large expanses of water is permitted to travel. Flights can be carried out on an exclusive basis (charter) or purchased per seat by combining two separate groups of clients (Flapper Pool).

    Fernando de Noronha by air taxi – Routes

    Check out the four most popular private aviation routes to Fernando de Noronha. Flights can be carried out on an exclusive basis by charter, or purchased by seat, from other people or groups of customers – through our new Flapper Pool service.

    Fortaleza [SBFZ] – Fernando de Noronha [SBFN]

    Despite being an interstate trip, this is the most accessible route to Fernando de Noronha due to the positioning of the aircraft fleet of the partners with which Flapper works. This stretch can be done in around 1h45 on a King Air A200 (8 seats).

    Recife [SBRF] – Fernando de Noronha [SBFN]

    The stretch between the capital of Pernambuco and the archipelago is the most popular due to the number of connections between Recife and the rest of Brazil. In a King Air C90 (5 seats), the itinerary can be completed in around 1h35.

    Natal [SBNT] – Fernando de Noronha [SBFN]

    Still very popular, this is a more exclusive route due to the distance between origin and destination. The flight can be taken aboard the King Air B350 (9 seats) in just over 1 hour.

    The most popular aircraft for charter flights to Fernando de Noronha

    Discover a selection of the aircraft that are among the most sought after by Flapper customers when traveling to this enchanting coastal paradise in Pernambuco.

    King Air B350

    The King Air 350 represents a notable evolution over the popular B200 model. This advanced turboprop is characterized by a spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates up to 8 passengers, configured in luxurious “club style” seats, and includes two distinct cabin areas. In addition to comfort, this aircraft is recognized for its improved performance, providing a quieter flying experience. The King Air 350 boasts state-of-the-art engines and avionics, resulting in remarkable performance. With a maximum cruising speed reaching an impressive 520 km/h (280 ktas), this aircraft surpasses its predecessor in terms of speed while also offering an extended range. Onboard amenities include folding tables, AC power supplies, LED lighting and shades,

    Beechcraft King Air A200

    This model was developed from the long-standing C90, the basis of turboprops, especially for business charters. Overall, it is known as an aircraft that can go anywhere at any time. It has a special configuration, with a sofa facing the side, as well as four seats approved for executive transport. It also has more space, power and reach than its predecessors. It is an ideal aircraft for operations at airports where there are size restrictions.

    King Air C90

    The King Air C90 is a reliable and versatile turboprop aircraft manufactured by Beechcraft. With capacity for up to 6 passengers and a range of around 2,000 kilometers, it is a popular choice for short and medium-haul flights. Its interior is comfortable, offering a club seat configuration in a spacious and quiet cabin.

    Travel to Fernando de Noronha with Flapper

    Have you made up your mind to visit this destination which is so sought after by the VIP public? Flapper will take you. We have several options available that are permitted to use the landing strip at the local airport.

    Booking your trip is very simple: it just takes a few clicks. Access the charter platform, available on the website and in the app, choose your boarding and disembarkation locations, as well as the days and times, and then select your desired aircraft model.

    Then, with everything just the way you like it, the Flapper team will provide a service of the highest quality, free of bureaucracy and complications, making your flight an unforgettable experience. For more information, please contact:


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