• Air Taxi in Recife: Discover the Available Options

    Aircraft Charter / Air Taxi in Recife: Discover the Available Options

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    Recife is one of the most privileged state capitals in Brazil. Surrounded by natural paradises such as Porto de Galinhas and cultural heritage such as Olinda, the most important city in Pernambuco is also the richest metropolis in the Northeast. A sector that traditionally encompasses both leisure and business travel, air taxi in Recife benefits most from this diversity. For executive aviation passengers, such versatility means a good variety of available aircraft and expertise for every type of operation.

    Right in the middle of the 187 kilometers that form the beautiful coast of Pernambuco, Recife is the ideal starting point for trips towards the various destinations of the northeastern coast – especially beaches in Pernambuco itself, of course, but also in Alagoas, Paraíba, and Rio Grande do Norte. In this article, we’ve put together suggestions for routes and projected budgets, as well as the main details that Recife air taxi passengers need to know before booking their next flight.


    Recife Airport (REC; SBRF)

    The city’s main air terminal, Recife International Airport is among the busiest in Brazilian aviation – and is the leader among equipment in the Northeast. With  structure to operate the landings and take-offs of large commercial jetliners, Recife Airport can easily receive all categories of executive aircraft. This airport has been offered as a concession to the private sector and, since March 2020, has been managed by the Spanish consortium Aena.

    Located 11 kilometers from the city center, access to the airport is easy and takes no more than 30 minutes by car. Some air taxi companies operating in the region have bases in Recife and, because of that, offer the convenience of VIP lounges for passengers waiting for their departure.

    Coroa do Avião Aerodrome (SIFC)

    As is common in markets that have a busy main airport, air taxi in Recife also has its alternative runway. Inaugurated in 2013, the Aerodrome Coroa do Avião is located in the municipality of Igarassu, at the foot of the BR-101 highway and just 23 kilometers away from the center of the capital of Pernambuco. In addition to direct access to destinations on the north coast, the aerodrome has been a frequent choice for business people traveling to the region’s industrial zone.

    Coroa do Avião currently has 6 hangars (in 660m² and 1,000m² configurations) and has plans to expand to up to 40 structures. Its runway is 1,255 meters long — enough to handle most of the available aircraft, but it’s not big enough for larger business jets.

    Available Aircraft

    Flapper has in its portfolio almost a hundred aircraft models, including planes and helicopters. On its platform, accessible by computer or mobile application, the customer can customize their next trip according to budget, flight time, and number of passengers. Below, we list some suggestions:

    Airbus AS350 – Aboard this traditional air taxi helicopter, up to 5 passengers travel comfortably to nearby destinations. Ideally, the trip should take a maximum of 1 hour, a radius sufficient to link Recife with emblematic destinations in Pernambuco, but also in neighboring Alagoas and Paraíba. The journey to Maragogi, for example, takes about 45 minutes.

    Phenom 100 – The light jet built by Embraer combines comfort with performance. Designed to carry up to 4 passengers, the Phenom 100 is ideal for quick business trips or family getaways. With autonomy to fly up to 2,100 kilometers, it connects Recife to São Paulo in less than 4 hours.

    Must-See Destinations Around Recife


    On the north coast of Alagoas is one of the most exuberant beaches in the Northeast. “Capital” of the coral coast, Maragogi is the perfect postcard with its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

    Model: Airbus AC350 Bz

    Passengers: 5

    Flight time: 45 minutes

    Fernando de Noronha

    The archipelago 350 kilometers away from the coast of Pernambuco is perhaps the most famous beach destination in Brazil. The options for tours in Fernando de Noronha are diverse, from trails and dives to the observation of marine animals.

    Model: Phenom 100

    Passengers: 4

    Flight time: 61 minutes

    Campina Grande

    Between the coast and the hinterland is one of the cities that most values northeastern traditions. Home to the “largest São João in the world”, Campina Grande serves Paraíba both as a tourist and industrial hub.

    Model: Caravan 208

    Passengers: 9

    Flight time: 30 minutes

    Juazeiro do Norte

    Another traditional city in the interior of the Northeast, Juazeiro do Norte is one of the great religious centers in the country, receiving crowds at each Pilgrimage by Padre Cícero. Despite being located in the heart of Ceará, the distance from Juazeiro to Fortaleza is almost the same as Recife.

    Model: King Air C90

    Passengers: 6

    Flight time: 98 minutes

    Reserve now

    Whatever the reason for your next trip, we have the right aircraft to transport you. Through the Flapper application and website, the user has access to instant charter quotes, being able to define the places of embarkation and disembarkation, the date and time of the operation, and the type of aircraft or helicopter used.

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