• Executive aviation catering: 5 facts you need to know.

    Aircraft Charter / Executive aviation catering: 5 facts you need to know.

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    In this post, you will learn five facts about catering in the aviation business. We will address some common questions about food during an executive flight. For example: is catering included in the value of the operation? And alcoholic drinks, are they served? Is it true that the pilot can serve during a flight?

    But, before that, one important thing to know from the beginning: the catering varies according to the flight made by the passenger. On a flight between São Paulo and Guarujá, which lasts 30 minutes by helicopter, non-alcoholic drinks are offered. Between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (30 minutes by jet), in addition to non-alcoholic drinks, cookies or cereal bars are served.

    On a longer flight, for example between Rio de Janeiro and Recife, the passenger may have a tray with fruits and mini-sandwiches, in addition to alcoholic beverages. In an international operation, between São Paulo and Miami, for example, hot dishes and all types of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are served.

    But it is also worth mentioning that the final format of your catering service during a flight can be changed according to circumstances, airport infrastructure, or as a result of any urgency to carry out a particular mission.

    See below five questions and answers about catering in business aviation.

    Is catering always included in the price?

    Basic catering is, yes, always included in the price of the operation. But you ask: what is basic catering? Of course, this type of menu varies from company to company, however, for any flight made in a jet or turboprop, the menu includes sandwiches and fruit salads. It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to order another type of catering, such as the inclusion of hot dishes, for example, as long as the request is made in advance (ideally, the order should be placed on the day the service is contracted). Remember that this service usually comes with an extra cost.

    When is hot food served and when is it cold food?

    For hot dishes, the ideal is that the passenger makes the request to Flapper when booking the flight. This advance notice in hiring catering is necessary because of the differentiation between air taxi operators. For example, at Air Jet, one of Flapper’s partner operators, the difference between hot and cold dishes is related to the aircraft model. “It depends on whether the aircraft that will perform the operation has an oven for heating,” said the company. At Alphajets, another Flapper partner operator which operates medium-range jets such as the Learjet 45 model, the main criterion is flight time, “but most flights offer cold food,” said the company.

    Are alcoholic beverages always served during a flight?


    The decision to serve alcoholic beverages during a flight is in the hands of the staff of each air taxi operator. Also in the example of the Air Jet operator, the company’s service has beers included with each flight performed. Other types of drinks can be served, as long as the Flapper customer makes their request at the time of booking. In the case of Alphajets, for any type of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to ask Flapper for inclusion in the service.

    Can the pilot serve the food during the flight?

    Perhaps this is one of the main doubts of those who will make an executive flight. And the answer is: yes, the pilot can serve food during the flight. However, in most cases, the dishes are available to passengers in easily accessible packaging. It is worth mentioning that the air taxi operation only occurs with the presence of two pilots on each flight.

    Do you know the difference between cabin server and flight attendant in business aviation?


    A flight attendant is the professional responsible for the organization and safety aspects of a flight. That is, they receive passengers, direct them to seats when necessary, assists in the disposition of hand luggage inside the aircraft, serves food and drinks, transmits safety information, meets the crew’s requests, and checks the safety conditions in the seats with passengers. The cabin server is when the commander serves the food during the flight, which, in most cases, is already prepared and ready for consumption.


    If you have any other questions about catering for your next trip, just click here and talk to the Flapper team.


    It’s easy to make your trip even more personalized and exclusive by adding a catering especially made for you! To do this, just pay attention to the following conditions:

    1 – Always check in advance what catering options are available. When booking your trip, contact your City Manager and ask.

    2 – It is necessary to know that the flight attendant varies according to the mission, type of aircraft, and the company that will operate the flight. If catering is an essential criterion for you, Flapper will find the ideal aircraft to fulfill your request.

    3 – If you need a dedicated flight attendant, make your request in advance (this service is usually included on international flights). For other cases, the passenger always has the dishes at their disposal, which are served in easily accessible packaging.

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