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    Visiting Jericoacoara became an obsession in the 90s after the destination from Ceará was included in a foreign list that named the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Since then, many people, from Brazil and abroad, have chosen Jeri to spend their holidays. Today, the beach is home to luxurious hotels and the presence of the rich and famous dictates the rhythm of summers. No wonder the flight to Jericoacoara by helicopter, departing from Fortaleza, is the local darling.

    Also, the trip of 1 hour and 15 minutes takes the time of transportation while offering a true panoramic tour of one of the most beautiful coasts in the Northeast. The coast of Ceará is 573 kilometers long, 300 of them flying over helicopters on this route. In all, between the takeoff in Fortaleza and the landing in Jericoacoara, the passenger will have a privileged view of about 30 beaches.

    Fortaleza – Jeri by Helicopter

    The equipment used on this trip is the Airbus AS 350, the popular Squirrel. With a capacity to carry up to 5 passengers, this modern monoturbine helicopter adapts well to the profile of travelers. “Either they travel in two couples, or as a family,” says commander Paulo Barros, who this year completes 24 years of operations on the Fortaleza-Jeri transfer. It is with the expertise of Barros that we gather, in this text, all the details that the passenger needs to know before accessing the Flapper platform to make his reservation.

    Another option is the Bell LongRanger, also known as the Bell 206L, is a versatile helicopter widely used in a variety of applications, from executive transport to public service missions. Equipped with a single turbine, the aircraft comfortably accommodates up to 5 passengers and stands out for its maneuverability and moderate range. Its history dates back to decades of reliable service and its continued adaptation has made it an icon in the aviation industry.

    Luggage and reservation

    An air taxi operation on the Esquilo helicopter allows up to 25 kilos of luggage to be carried per customer – in a scenario with a maximum capacity of 5 passengers. “We were able to increase this capacity a little if necessary, reducing the fuel supplied,” explains commander Barros. It is strongly recommended that reservations are made at least one week in advance, allowing for occasional adjustments.

    Landing and takeoff

    Due to the high demand for passengers from other states, flights are operated from Fortaleza International Airport (IATA: FOR). However, since March 2021, embarkations and disembarkations can also be performed at the Dragão do Ar Aerodrome (ICAO: SIHM), a helipad capable of carrying out night operations. “Dragão do Ar basically serves the panoramic and tourism market. It offers a large structure, for more than 20 aircraft, with exclusive parking and a VIP room ”, describes Commander Barros.

    The arrival in Jericoacoara takes place in two different locations: Praia da Malhada (internal code: JEPM) and Essenza Hotel (JERI), close to Duna do Pôr do Sol. There is a third option at the private helipad on Main Street (FRIS), capable of operating smaller helicopters such as the Robinson R44. This helipad, however, only operates during the high season and is available upon prior consultation with the Flapper team.

    Paulo Barros explains that the options serve more than 85% of hotels without the need for a car: “the helicopter leaves the passenger with his foot in the sand”. “The big difference in relation to the jet is that the airport is 30 kilometers from Jeri, which takes approximately 50 minutes by car,” he adds.

    Who flies the Fortaleza – Jericoacoara route by helicopter?

    Within Brazil, the Fortaleza – Jeri route has as its main market the public of São Paulo, with 70% of the clientele coming from there. The rest is spread between Rio de Janeiro (20%) and other regions (10%). In a pre-pandemic scenario, paulistas, who in general already carry out helicopter transfers on a daily basis, shared their attention with international passengers (40% each).

    Travel agencies, including Incoming Tour Operators, and international boutique agencies are also repeat customers and can count on our international support and digital reservation system.

    How to book?

    All this comfort and practicality comes at a price. To arrive in Jericoacoara by helicopter, the customer will pay up to R $ 16.5 thousand each way – or more, if the disembarkation is made at the Hotel Carmel Taíba. Through the application and website of Flapper, the user has access to instant quotes, being able to define the places of embarkation and disembarkation, the date and time of the operation and the type of aircraft or helicopter used. Just click on the links below:

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