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    With a substantial helipad infrastructure in place and a dedicated air traffic control for helicopters, Ciudad de Mexico makes a perfect venue for your next helicopter charter flight. Our team offers on-demand helicopter charters between Toluca International Airport and Mexico City, as well as the nearby airports of Felipe Ángeles (NLU, MMSM) and Benito Juárez (MEX, MMMX), the latter equipped in a dedicated heliport.

    Helipads in Mexico City (CDMX) and Helicopter Transfers to Toluca

    No matter what time of the day, you are bound to get stuck in traffic in CDMX. The Capital’s prominent business districts – including Santa Fé, Polanco and Paseo de la Reforma – are dispersed across the city, while transportation to main international airports, including Toluca and Mexico City International is typically limited to private transport.

    Helipuerto Capital Mexico City Helicopter Charter

    Located at Montes Urales, this is Mexico City’s only public helipad. It is capable of handling heavy twin-engine helicopters during both day- and night operations.

    Mexico International Airport Helicopter Charter

    The helicopter flights at Mexico Benito Juárez Airport depart from Zone G and after a quick security check you will be directed to Hangar 5, 6 or 9 at AICM.

    Helicopter Charter CDMX Torre Mayor / Deloitte. Cd. de México

    Torre Mayor at Paseo de la Reforma Avenue is just one of many helipads we can land at upon previous authorization from the building’s administration.

    Cabo de Peñas Interlomas Helipad

    Located next to Interlomas Commercial Center, this helipad can operate day flights and accommodate twin-engine helicopters, of up to 3.2T in weight.

    Helipuerto Polanco Anzures - Corporativo Cervantes Nestle

    This high-rise elevated heliport (20th floor) constitutes your gateway to Polanco business district. Only day operations are allowed.

    Helipuerto One o One CDMX HBJ

    This helipad guarantees easy access to Autopista México-Marquesa and can accommodate twin-engine helicopters of up to 3.2T in weight.

    Other Helipads in CDMX

    Although Helipuerto Capital (HUM) at Montes Urales serves as the main destination of helicopter transfers into the city, we offer a wide array of landing options. There is a total of 84 active heliports in the CMDX administrative area. They are located strategically at the following districts: Miguel Hidalgo / Polanco (26 helipads), Cuauhtémoc and Reforma (13), as well as Cuajimalpa (12) and Álvaro Obregón (10), both giving easy access to Santa Fé business district. There are 14 additional active helipads in adjacent municipalities of the D.F.

    VIP Helicopter Charter Toluca – CDMX

    Located at 2,580m (8,465 ft), Toluca is considered a high-altitude airport and requires an additional passenger weight and balance check. Due to frequent fog and rain in the area the airport might often switch to Low Visibility operations and special twin-engine equipment might be suggested for your flight.

    Flapper offers the widest range of safety-vetted single- and twin-engine helicopters in the CDMX and Toluca region, including the leading models of Bell and Agusta helicopters.

    Bell 505 side and top views

    Bell 505 JetRanger X

    • 22-25 min from Toluca to CDMX
    • Four passengers
    • Single pilot operations
    • 10kg bag per passenger
    • Baggage compartment: 0.5m³ or 18ft³
    • Last-generation avionics

    Bell 407 side and top view

    Bell 407 GXP

    • 22-24 min from Toluca to CDMX
    • Five to six passengers
    • Single or double pilot ops
    • Luxurious leather interior
    • 10kg bag per passenger
    • Baggage compartment: 0.56m³ or 20ft³ 

    Airbus EC130 side and top view

    Airbus EC130 B4

    • 20-22 min from Toluca to CDMX
    • Six to seven passengers
    • Single pilot ops
    • 15kg bag per passenger
    • Baggage compartment: 1.1m³ or 39ft³
    • FADEC system

    Agusta A109 side and top view

    Agusta A109

    • 18-20 min from Toluca to CDMX
    • Six to seven passengers
    • Single or double pilot ops
    • 15kg bag per passenger
    • Baggage compartment: 0.9m³ or 32ft³
    • A109 Power or Power Elite

    Facilities and VIP Terminal at Toluca and CDMX

    Our local team in Mexico will provide an on-the-spot support from the very first moment your chartered aircraft lands in Toluca or CDMX. Each facility offers different types of amenities and service options.

    Toluca Helicopter Charter FBO

    At Toluca (MMTO)

    The helicopter will pick you up directly at one the FBOs you select. We need approximately 5 minutes for the engine warm-up, take-off and climb to cruise altitude.

    Helipuerto Capital CDMX Lounge

    At the Downtown

    A private elevator will take you to a waiting room at Helipuerto Capital. The lounge comes equipped with a coffee machine and a TV room.

    Mexico International Airport Helicopter Transfer

    At Mexico Int (MMMX)

    The hangar Zone G doesn’t come equipped in passenger waiting room. After a quick quick security check and safety onboarding you will embark directly at Hangar 5, 6 or 9.

    Directions to Hangar Zone G at Mexico International Airport

    Why to Book Your Next Helicopter Transfer with Flapper

    Flapper is an award-winning company with over 20,000 happy customers across the globe. Chartering your helicopter in Mexico with Flapper is more than just buying a service. You experience business aviation from a new perspective. We are rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot and boast impeccable safety ratings.

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    We offer a personalized service, 100% adapted to your needs.

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    Thanks to our technology, we are able to respond fast and offer numerous payment options.

    Wide array of options

    Choose from over 100 different types of jets, helicopters and turboprops.

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