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    With its strategic position in Central America and the world’s second most significant private jet fleet, Mexico’s general aviation sector is both dynamic and diversified. To top it off, it provides some of the most appealing charter rates in the Americas, which is attributable to the low prices of fuel, a sizeable pool of competent workforce, and high utilization rates.

    Are you wondering what it costs to charter a private jet in Mexico and the Caribbean? And whether it’s possible to book it instantly with an Uber-style private jet app? Read on to find out more about the private jet pricing strategy for the Mexican market.

    Paul Malicki with Mexican private jet in Toluca

    Cost of Renting a Jet in Mexico

    The cost of a private jet charter is determined by the following factors:

    • Cost per flight hour;
    • Airport landing fees;
    • FBO (VIP terminal);
    • Overflight charges;
    • Overnight stay costs;
    • Others, inc. in-flight catering or Wi-fi.

    In Mexico, the air carriers would additionally distiguish between a ferry flight fee (empty leg) and full flight fee (with passengers on board). A 4% tax rate is applicable to all charter flights in Mexico.

    The operator figures out their full charter rate utilizing a quotation system, such as Flapper. Great savings can be found on long-haul flights, and quotes for shorter flights (under 2000 km) are often substituted with a minimum trip fee. An hourly cost might vary from $1.600 – $2.200 for a turbo-prop, such as King Air to even $11.000 – $17.000 for a luxurious ultra-long large jets. The margins are small and vary from 5% to 15% for last-minute requests.

    Examples of air charter rates in Mexico and the Caribbean

    The below values were computed based on the averages coming from Flapper’s internal air charter inventory. Out of more than 1.700 private jets, commercial airliners and helicopters with commercial license in Mexico, more than half is currently available for on-demand charter.

    Aircraft CategoryHourly Charter Rate in MX
    Single-engine helicopters$1.100 – $1.300
    Twin-engine helicopters$3.200 – $4.500
    Turbo-props$1.600 – $2.200
    Light jets$2.700 – $3.800
    Midsize and super midsize jets$3.100 – $5.900
    Heavy jets$6.100 – $9.400
    Ultra long-range jets$9.000 – $17.000
    Regional airliners (<50 pax)$6.300 – $8.500
    Corporate airliners (>50 pax)$13.000 – $26.000

    If you are looking to charter a private jet for up to 8 people from the Toluca to Cancun, you can expect to pay between $16.200 to $22.700. A longer flight from Toluca to Miami can be priced at $24.400 to $50.000 for larger jets. The most affordable private jet in Mexico is Learjet 35 ($2.700 / hour) and the most popular private aircraft is Hawker 800, which can be easily rented for less than $4.000 / hour.

    Toluca to Cancún by private jet

    • Flight time: 2h – 2h 30min
    • Min. charter rate: $16.200 (Learjet 35, 7 pax)
    • Max. charter rate: $37.800 (G450, 14 pax)

    Cancún to Miami by private jet

    • Flight time: 1h 30min – 1h 50min
    • Min. charter rate: $16.300 (Hawker 800, 8 pax)
    • Max. charter rate: $31.600 (G500, 13 pax)

    Las Vegas to Cabo by private jet

    • Flight time: 2h 20min – 3h 10min
    • Min. charter rate: $21.300 (P300, 8 pax)
    • Max. charter rate: $41.100 (G450, 14 pax)

    Other Top Private Jet Routes in Mexico

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