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    In times of pandemic, the business aviation industry has demonstrated its true adaptability, making various services available to its clients; from repatriation, cargo, charter and ambulance flights. The comfort, flexibility and security offered by a private plane have been the key to achieving that the executive aviation segment, different from all other industries, grow during the most complex periods; Almost all private aviation passengers state that the experience is unique. In this article we will present the options available for Private Jets in Cali.

    Cali is the third largest city for private aviation in Colombia. Strategically located in the southwest of Colombia, it is also the third most important economic pole in the country and the only large city that has quick access to the Pacific Ocean.

    Cali-based Air Taxi Aircraft Fleet

    While Flapper’s business jet network exceeds 730 aircraft throughout the region, there are 10 certified operator aircraft that are based in Cali. We leave below the specifications of each aircraft available in Cali, characterized by its versatility and low operating costs.


    Seneca II: 4 in total, two in executive mode and one available in MedVac (medical services). This twin-engine piston aircraft is one of the most used business aircraft in Latin America for short-haul visual flights. With capacity for 5 people, it has a flight autonomy of 4-5 hours.

    Businessliner 402C: The Cessna 402C Businessliner is a low operating cost, twin engine piston aircraft with a larger cabin than the Piper Seneca, it is quite comfortable. Its large windows allow spectacular panoramic views for passengers.

    PA-31T Cheyenne: An aircraft available in MedVac mode. Adapted as an air ambulance, this aircraft with two piston engines has a range of more than 1,500 kilometers.


    JetRanger 206B-III: Three Cali-based helicopters. The Bell 206B, one of the best helicopters in the world in its category, has capacity for 4 passengers, plus a pilot and a flight range of three hours.

    Probably one of the most successful single-engine helicopters ever built, it has a range of 4 hours at a low operating cost and capacity for 6 people (5 passengers and one pilot). The trunk can carry up to 113 kg (250 lb) of cargo, enough for up to 3 medium and 3 laptop cases.

    How much does it cost to rent private jets in Cali?

    The minimum rates for renting private jets in Cali, on the Cali Alfonso Bonilla Aragón [CLO] – El Dorado International [BOG] route start from COP $ 6,900,000 for a Seneca II piston or a minimum of COP $ 20,400,000 for a light jet. In a midsize jet the cost varies between COP $ 30,700,000 to COP $ 46,000,000.

    Among the most expensive charter planes in Colombia (for being the most luxurious) are the Falcon 2000s with a capacity of 9 passengers and the Challenger 300 for 8. Typically used for flights to Miami, both planes can be rented on the Cali route ( CLO) – Opa Locka (OPF) for about COP $ 230,000,000.

    The Most Popular Private Jet Routes From Cali

    The following list includes the most sought-after routes between 2020 and 2021 in the Flapper system, along with our aircraft recommendations. Just click on the link to see all the available options.

    Cali – Bogotá 

    Due to the short flight time, this route can be perfectly served by a Piper Saratoga SP piston, a versatile aircraft with low operational cost.

    Flight time: 1 hour.

    Cali – Quito

    One of the cheapest jets in Colombia is the Beechjet 400A, a comfortable aircraft with low operating costs compared to the others in its segment.

    Flight time: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

    Cali – Barranquilla

    In just over an hour you will be able to arrive in an agile way, without the setbacks of massive terminals, aboard the efficient Phenom 300E.

    Flight time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

    Cali – San Andrés 

    To get to San Andrés, make sure your aircraft has sufficient range and authorization to fly over large areas of water. For this route, our recommended option is the Falcon 2000S.

    Flight time: 2 hours.

    Cali – Cartagena

    In just under an hour and a half, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cartagena traveling aboard a King Air 350, probably the most recognized turboprop plane in the world.

    Flight time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

    About Flapper

    He was born in 2016 in Brazil. The first flights were made during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, and today it already has a presence in 5 Latin American countries. It brings together the entire range of business aircraft in Latin America to offer a revolutionary experience in private flights. It has approximately 100 operators, more than 550 airplanes and helicopters and in the world it has access to more than 5,000 aircrafts thanks to various allies. It currently has investors that include ACE, the largest startup accelerator in Latin America; Confrapar that it is a pioneering investment fund in technology companies in Brazil with a special focus on the aerospace market, among others.


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