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    Receiving more than 600 thousand people annually, the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara is one of the most visited in Brazil, with a massive presence of foreigners. It is in Jeri, as the insiders say, where one of the best beaches in the country is located. Among the various access routes to the place, one of the most recommended and used itineraries is the air taxi between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara.

    Before becoming one of the main destinations for premium tourists, Jericoacoara was a simple fishing village in the north of Ceará. Things started to change in the 1980s when The Washington Post named the local beach as one of the most beautiful in the world. The same newspaper, in the early 2000s, provided a new boom to local tourism when it elected Jericoacoara as the fourth most beautiful beach on the planet, expanding its international fame.

    With more and more tourists, the local administration has reinforced, in recent years, mechanisms of preservation and environmental tourism. The beaches and the municipality are part of the Jericoacoara National Park, managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, which also takes swaths from the neighboring cities of Camocim and Cruz, where the main local airport is located.

    The park’s objectives are: to protect and preserve samples of coastal ecosystems, ensure the preservation of its natural resources and provide scientific research, environmental education, and ecological tourism. Other protection measures currently applied are the ban on the circulation of cars within the village and the levying of tourist fees.

    Thus, only authorized vehicles can circulate on the site. This means that those who intend to drive to the destination will have to stop outside the city, which makes access via air taxi between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara even more attractive. Regarding the fee, it is determined by law and the charge is R$ 30 for each seven-day stay. The value is dedicated to environmental preservation.

    Jericoacoara: What to do

    There are several attractions that Jeri offers for those arriving by air taxi from Fortaleza or other locations. As we said, the attraction of the place is its main beach, formed by dunes about 30 meters high, shallow waters, and small lagoons, where rafts remain. Due to the constant wind, it is one of the most sought after by windsurfers or kitesurfers arriving from all over the world.

    There is also Praia da Malhada, further east of the cove, known for its exuberance and unique landscape. Surrounded by rocks, it is very popular with bathers, but attracts surfers above all.

    Another of the main local attractions is the Duna do Pôr do Sol, a geographic accident within the Jericoacoara National Park. In the big and tall place, tourists and locals gather daily in ritual to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset in front of the sea. Many choose to watch the sun go down at Pedra Furada, a huge rocky arch where it is possible to observe the sunlight through the hole.

    In addition to the beaches, dunes, and water sports, Jericoacoara also offers attractions such as caves, mangroves, lagoons, wells, and hills. The city also has historic churches, cultural activities, and several restaurants and bars for food lovers.

    How to Get There: Air Taxi Between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara

    Due to the ban on the entry and circulation of vehicles in the village, the best option for those who want to avoid a journey by van, which can last up to seven hours from the capital of Ceará, or commercial flights (and their lines, terminals, and crowded environments), is to charter an air taxi between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara.

    On this itinerary, boarding takes place mainly at Fortaleza – Pinto Martins International Airport (FOR; SBFZ), the equipment that most moves international passengers in the North and Northeast of Brazil. For air taxi and business aviation, travelers use the General Aviation Terminal. It is close to the Ceará Events Center and the city’s hotel zone and has been managed by the private sector since 2018.

    The landing of planes takes place at Comandante Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport (JJD; SBJE), which despite being called Jericoacoara Airport, is located in the neighboring municipality of Cruz. The distance between the equipment and the center of Jeri is about 30 kilometers.

    Those who want to land directly in Jericoacoara, practically with their feet in the sand, have at least three other options: the helipads at Praia da Malhada (JEPM) and the Pousada Vila Kalango Hotel (PVKH) and Essenza Hotel (JERI).

    Available Aircraft

    For air taxi between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, the most used option is the popular “Esquilo” – the Airbus AS350, in versions B or B2 – mainly for those who go directly to Jeri. The helicopter accommodates up to five passengers, four in the back seats and one next to the pilot. Everyone can enjoy the paradisiacal view of the coast of Ceará, thanks to the excellent visibility offered by the large panoramic windows.

    The adjustable seats are leather and have energy-absorbing technology, there is air conditioning, and the headphones are top-notch, allowing communication between passengers. The main difference between the two models is the luggage compartment. On average, the B holds up to 10 kilos of luggage per person, while the B2 holds up to 15 kilos per passenger. The price, in any of them, is around R$ 23,300 and the trip takes 1h20.

    If the route is carried out between the two main airports, planes can also be used. A turboprop indicated for this itinerary is the Beechcraft King Air A200, which seats up to eight people. The investment is R$ 14,600 and the travel time is just over half an hour. With more space, power, and greater range than the competition, the advantage of this aircraft is landing in small local airports. No wonder they say the A200 goes anywhere, anytime.

    Now, if jets are your thing, a light aircraft option like the Citation CJ4 could be the right choice to combine agility and a VIP experience. Accommodating seven passengers, this plane is extremely elegant, with side windows that extend gracefully. Its long cabin allows more legroom and stands out for its silence. It has an entertainment system and a fully equipped kitchen, among other amenities. For the journey, which takes approximately 25 minutes, the charter costs R$ 45,200.

    Fly with Flapper

    To charter these and other aircraft offered by Flapper for air taxi between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara is very simple. Just access our quote platform, available through the website or app, and explore your options.

    The definition of date, time, embarkation, and disembarkation places is up to you. Based on this information, the system will offer you several possibilities for aircraft – all up to date with the standards and regulations required to be commercially chartered.

    In just a few simple taps, you can discover the trip that best suits your reality and your schedule. Once all the details are decided, you will have the full assistance of the Flapper team, which will guarantee you a unique experience, with practicality, agility, safety, and comfort. For questions and more information, contact us at:


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