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    Flying by helicopter to Valle Nevado is the fastest and most exclusive way for visitors who want to enjoy a premium experience on their way to one of the unmissable destinations during the winter months. With more than 22,000 daily bookings for the 2023 season , Flapper is able to meet the diverse needs of on-demand chartered helicopter flights to the popular snow destination.

    What to do in Valle Nevado

    Valle Nevado is one of the most renowned ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere, located in the Andes Mountains in Chile. Surrounded by activities for the practice of winter sports, it impresses with its infrastructure. In addition, the location is close to other well-known stations such as Farellones and El Colorado.

    The destination offers many activities to tourists, but the main ones revolve around snow. There are dozens of ski and snowboard tracks for all levels of experience. There are also other modalities such as the randonnée, a kind of walking in the snow, and hiking with a racket, usually done with guides.

    Valle Nevado Helipad

    The Valle Nevado Farellones Helipad (SDHO) is the best option to get to Valle Nevado. The helicopter flight is fast and avoids more than 60 sickening curves on the road to the ski resort. With the capacity to receive large helicopters, the choice of air transport is also a solution for those who only have one day to enjoy the season and want to do a day trip.

    Helicopters available

    AW-119 Koala KE

    The high-performance single-engine Agusta Koala is ideal for groups of up to 7 passengers. Wide sliding doors welcome you to an air-conditioned cabin with extra soundproofing. It has an external luggage compartment at the stern with a capacity of up to 150 kg. Safety features include traffic avoidance system, GPS tracking and Stability Augmentation System (SAS).

    Bell Jetranger III

    The Bell 206B JetRanger III is a helicopter capable of carrying up to 5 passengers. The quiet cabin offers extra legroom for taller passengers and allows for up to 249 lb (113 kg) of luggage. Easy communication between passengers is ensured by BOSE headphones.

    Bell X

    Bell’s state-of-the-art single-engine helicopter delivers performance and maneuverability for a variety of missions. With upgraded Garmin G1000H avionics and dual control system, it is reliable for various charter services. The cabin accommodates four passengers and a pilot, with ample luggage space. Its large rear windows provide incredible views on sightseeing flights and aerial filming.

    EC-130 B4

    The Eurocopter EC130 B4 has the capacity to carry up to 6 passengers in a forward-facing cabin configuration, offering comfort and generous space. The single-engine model is silent, has air conditioning, Bose headphones and leather seats, providing a luxurious experience.

    Helicopter Transfers to Valle Nevado

    Santiago (Tobalaba Airfield) – Valle Nevado

    Aircraft: AW 119 Koala

    Passengers: 3

    Flight time: 20 minutes

    Valparaiso – Valle Nevado

    Aircraft: EC-130 B4

    Passengers: 6

    Flight time: 45 minutes

    Santiago (Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport) – Valle Nevado

    Aircraft: Bell JetRanger X

    Passengers: 4

    Flight time: 30 minutes

    Rancagua – Valle Nevado

    Aircraft: Bell JetRanger III

    Passengers: 3

    Flight time: 35 minutes

    Air Taxi in Valle Nevado with Flapper

    Now that you know everything about the main attractions in Valle Nevado and how the Flapper can get you there, it’s time to book your trip. By clicking on any of the simulations in the text, you will be redirected to our charter platform, where you will be able to learn more about the operations.

    These are just a few examples, because on our website or application you can customize your trip down to the smallest detail, choosing the day and time, helicopter or plane model, boarding and landing airports, and much more.

    In addition to Valle Nevado, with Flapper you can explore all of Latin America, as well as other continents. We have a network of partners around the world and local teams based in the main cities of the globe to ensure that the operation always maintains our level of excellence, wherever it is.

    As if that weren’t enough, Flapper is also in the aircraft buying and selling market, not only running the business, but offering consulting and other services to its customers. We are a reference in on-demand marketplace in Brazilian executive aviation. To travel for tourism or corporate flights, contact us!

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