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    Charter Air Taxi Categories – Understand the Differences

    Know when to choose between light, medium, heavy and ultra-long range jets.

    Flapper & Amázzoni gin

    Flapper, in partnership with the Amázzoni gin label from Rio de Janeiro, now offers its customers a unique experience: "The Gin Experience". Departing from the city of Rio de Janeiro by helicopter, you can visit the distillery that manufactures ... Read more »

    Helicopter Flights in Santiago de Chile

    Helicopter flights in Santiago de Chile are well known, and used for work in vineyards prior to harvest. They dissipate the cold night air that can freeze grapes, or in cherry plantation fields to dry these delicious fruits before ... Read more »

    King Air 250 vs King Air 350: Comparison

    Known as the most sought after turboprop in business aviation, King Air planes are recognized for their iconic design, high safety records and versatility.

    Dry Ice Shipping by Air

    Thanks to the growing demand for dry ice transport by air, Flapper has prepared this article with brief guidelines for the entire process.

    Uber Air – Is it possible to fly for less?

    Still little explored in a consistent way, urban helicopter transfers - also called “uber air” - have been the target, in recent years, of analysis by companies in the urban mobility and aviation segment.

    Wine Route by helicopter: discover the Colchagua Valley in Chile

    From north to south, the Chilean territory presents an infinite variety of landscapes between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. And, of course, in its more than 4,000 kilometers you can find deserts, lakes, beaches, forests, and glaciers. ... Read more »

    Gulfstream: el jet ejecutivo para todas las distancias

    En este artículo presentamos la familia de jets Gulfstream, capaces de volar a más de 4 mil millas de distancia, con velocidad y comodidad.

    Gulfstream: the business jet for all distances

    In this article we present the family of Gulfstream jets, capable of flying stretches over 4 thousand miles away, with speed and comfort.

    Safety ratings: the Pilatus PC-12 and the Cessna Caravan Grand

    In this text, we will present data on the safety indices of the two most popular single-engine aircraft for the “commuter” service worldwide - the Pilatus PC-12 and the Cessna Caravan Grand, proving how safe it is to travel ... Read more »

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