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    Top 3 Trends Which Will Disrupt the Business Aviation Industry

    As the pandemic recedes, business aviation companies are left wondering what we've been through and what the future holds for the sector. With no doubt, the Covid-19 outbreak accelerated the development of a number of technologies vital for general ... Read more »

    How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Plane in Colombia?

    Charter a private jet can be one of life's most rewarding experiences, as many of our clients claim.

    Air Taxi in Medellín: Discover The Available Options

    Charter a private jet in Medellín marks a before and after. Once our clients make the switch to business aviation, they say, they can’t go back. By chartering a private plane, passengers control almost the entirety of their travel ... Read more »

    Understand how the phonetic alphabet works in private aviation

    Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, pay attention… Alpha, Bravo, Charlie! You may not know exactly what this means, but you’ve certainly come across someone uttering those words in a war movie or series. It is even likely that whoever said such ... Read more »

    Air Taxi in Vitória: Discover the Available Options

    The city is served by four Embraer Phenom 100s, one of the most comfortable aircraft on the market.

    Air Taxi in Porto Alegre: Discover the Available Options

    One of the main cities of Brazil, Porto Alegre is a cultural and economic hub in the south of the country. The city has hosted several fairs, events, and congresses from a variety of sectors, such as the World ... Read more »

    Air Taxi in Goiânia: Discover the Available Options

    Whether on corporate travel or on a family vacation, air taxi in Goiânia has options for all tastes and budgets.

    Air Taxi in Recife: Discover the Available Options

    The constant demand of the Pernambuco market for business and leisure travel shows the importance of the air taxi sector in Recife.

    Air Taxi in Brasília: Discover the available options

    Hub of national aviation, the paths pass through the center of Brazil and prove the power of air taxis in Brasília.

    Air Taxi in Rio de Janeiro: Discover the available options

    Consolidated tourist destination in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is also one of the main issuing cities in the air taxi sector.

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