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    How To Hire An International Air Taxi In Brazil?

    Chartering an international air taxi flight may not be the most common practice in the Brazilian air taxi market due to the lack of information and the high operational cost. In the face of an exceptional moment such as ... Read more »

    EBTA Card At Flapper: How To Pay For Your Executive Flight?

    If you are familiar with the aviation industry, you have certainly heard about the EBTA card. Intended exclusively for the purchase of airline tickets in Brazil, this centralized payment system, developed by American Express, allows to concentrate all tickets ... Read more »

    How To Charter a Business Jet: A Beginners Guide

    Follow this article to understand the main points to be considered for this service and find out how much it costs to charter an air taxi business jet.

    Luxury Escapes: Flapper and Belmond Copacabana Palace

    In an unprecedented partnership, Flapper and Belmond Copacabana Palace come together to bring an immersion of luxury and exclusivity to their customers. On the weekend of the 25th to the 27th of September, customers can take advantage of different ... Read more »

    What is the chance of contamination by Covid-19 in business aviation?

    the chance of contamination by the new corona-virus in air transport is low and practically non-existent in the case of business aviation. Learn more in this article.

    Air Taxi in Belo Horizonte: Discover The Available Options

    Belo Horizonte today has the third largest market for air taxis in Brazil. As a result of this, the capital of Minas Gerais boasts an incredible offer of jets and helicopters, in addition to having airports and helipads that ... Read more »

    Flapper completes its largest international cargo assignment yet

    With the rapid surge in requests for international cargo flights between China and South America, Flapper expanded its offer to include highly specialized freight services including part- and full-cargo flights.

    Flapper Hits A Record Number Of International Charter Flights

    With access to 100+ long-range and ultra-long range jets positioned near our core markets in Latin America, we boasts the most complete charter offer in the region.

    Flapper’s Medical Flights

    In an emergency, seconds count. It’s of utmost importance that the right help gets to you without delay. Flapper Medevac is the region’s first integrated network of medical travel-certified aircraft, providing you with the most transparent and quickest rescue ... Read more »

    How much does it cost to charter a helicopter

    The minimum cost of chartering a helicopter in Brazil is R$3.620 on a flight between São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport. One of the most expensive charter flights possible involves renting a twin-engine helicopter on a long-haul flight São Paulo ... Read more »