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    The southeast region in Brazil is the area with the highest concentration of flights in the country’s executive aviation. According to data collected in 2018, up to 88% of the flights made in general aviation happened at a distance of 621 miles (1000 km) of São Paulo. Among the 10 most quoted destinations in Flapper, 8 are in the mentioned distance of São Paulo, which occupies the second position on our list (behind the first place, Rio de Janeiro).

    This bustling city has 30 aircraft models available for charter, divided into the following categories: turboprop, heavy jets, light jets and mid-sized jets. In addition, there are 13 models of helicopters in the categories: single-engine and twin-engine.

    Charters in São Paulo: Aircraft Turboprop

    Aircraft classified as turboprop receive this nomenclature because of the engine model they are equipped with, which can be single-engine or twin-engine. They are agile, comfortable and safe planes, ideal for operations on unpaved tracks or short slopes. This feature makes this model highly used for transfers to small airports, such as coastal cities and country towns. For example, the São Paulo-Angra dos Reis Flapper’s shared flight happens with the Grand Caravan 208 single-engine turboprop.

    Caravan Grand Flapper Angra dos Reis
    Caravan Grand Flapper Angra dos Reis

    The twin-engine turboprop aircrafts available for charter in São Paulo:

    • King Air B200 GT (8 passengers)
    • King Air B200 (7 + 2 passengers)
    • King Air C90B (6 passengers)
    • King Air 200 (8 passengers)
    • King Air 250 (6 + 1 passengers)
    • Bandeirante Embraer 110 P1 (19 passengers)
    • Bandeirante Embraer 110 C (15 passengers)
    • Bandeirante Embraer P1 (17 passengers)
    King Air B200GT used in the SAO - RIO route
    King Air B200GT used in the SAO – RIO route

    The single-engine aircraft turboprop available for charter in São Paulo:

    • Grand Caravan 208B (9 passengers)
    • Grand Caravan 208 (9 passengers)
    • Grand Caravan EX (9 passengers)
    • Pilatus PC-12 (8 passengers)
    Single-engine turbopop Pilatus PC12
    Single-engine turbopop Pilatus PC12

    If you would like to know more about turboprop airplanes and their differences between single and twin engines, check out the post in our blog on Pilatus PC-12 vs. King Air B250: Which one is a better fit to your mission?

    Charters in São Paulo: Heavy Jets

    Aircraft classified as heavy jets are extremely luxurious, ideal for long journeys such as international trips. Equipped with large cabins, ample luggage racks, sometimes with dormitories, entertainment booths and full board service, these models offer maximum comfort to their passengers.

    Legacy 600's interior
    Legacy 600’s interior

    Heavy jets available for charter in São Paulo:

    • Legacy 600 (12 + 1 passengers)
    • Legacy 650 (13 + 1 passengers)
    • Gulfstream G450 (14 passengers)
    • Gulfstream G550 (16 passengers)
    • Falcon 2000EX (9 passengers)
    Heavy Jet Gulfstream G550
    Heavy Jet Gulfstream G550

    Light Jets and Mid-Sized Jets

    Light jets are commonly used in business travel. The short air-bridge, with a maximum of 2 to 3 hours of duration, makes this model ideal due to its comfort and efficiency. The models in this category are not equipped with large cabins, such as heavy jets, still they have ample spaces that guarantee a comfortable trip to their passengers.

    The mid-sized jets are the balance between comfort and efficiency. Larger than light jets, but smaller than heavy jets, these types allow their passengers to find ideal alternatives to go on longer journeys by a reasonable price and maximum comfort.

    Light Jet Phenom 300
    Light Jet Phenom 300

    The light jets models available for charter in São Paulo:

    • Phenom 100 (4 passengers)
    • Honda Jet (5 passengers)
    • Phenom 300 (from 6 to 8 passengers)
    • Learjet 40 (7 passengers)
    • Learjet 31A (8 passengers)
    • Learjet 35A (8 passengers)
    • Citation CJ1 (5 + 1 passengers)
    • Citation CJ2 (6 passengers)
    • Citation Excel (9 passengers)
    • Citation CJ3 (7 + 1 passengers)
    • Premier IA (6 passengers)
    Light Jet Citation Excel's interior
    Light Jet Citation Excel’s interior

    The Mid-sized jets available for charter in São Paulo:

    • Hawker 800 (8 passengers)
    • Cessna Sovereign (9 passengers)

    Charters in São Paulo: Helicopters 

    São Paulo is the city with the largest fleet of helicopters (approximately 500) and the largest heliports infrastructure in the world. There are more than 200 helipoints throughout the city, with more than 20 being used daily for urban locomotion, an alternative to the chaotic transit.

    Single-engine helicopter Esquilo B2
    Single-engine helicopter Esquilo B2

    One of the most quoted urban transport by Flapper is the transfer from Guarulhos Airport to the center of São Paulo, for example to the heliport Faria Lima. For locomotion in the city, Flapper relies on the partner fleet of 13 helicopters, subdivided into single-engine and twin-engine.

    Single-Engine Helicopters

    The single-engine helicopter are the options that better balance cost with efficiency. These models have a capacity of 3 to 6 passengers, with reduced space in the luggage compartment. They are commonly used for transfers inside the city, as well as leisure tours, such as scenic flights.

    Single-engine helicopters available for charter in São Paulo:

    • Robinson R44 (3 passengers)
    • Jet Ranger 206B (4 passengers)
    • Squirrel B2 (5 passengers)
    • Squirrel B3 (5 passengers)
    Single-engine helicopter Robinson R44
    Single-engine helicopter Robinson R44

    Twin-Engine Helicopters

    The twin-engine helicopters are the alternatives that guarantee more safety with the highest speed. These models can have from 6 to 12 passengers, with ample spaces for luggage. They are the most quoted models for trips out of town, connecting to other destinations.

    Twin-engine helicopter Airbus EC155 B1' interior
    Twin-engine helicopter Airbus EC155 B1′ interior

    Twin-engine helicopters available for charter in São Paulo:

    • Eurocopter EC135 P2 + (5 passengers)
    • Eurocopter EC145 T2 (8 + 1 passengers)
    • Eurocopter EC155 B1 (9 passengers)
    • Dauphin AS 365 N2 (8 passengers)
    • Agusta A109E Power (6 passengers)
    • Agusta A109S (6 passengers)
    • Agusta A109SP (6 passengers)
    • Agusta AW139 (10 passengers)
    • Bell 429 (6 passengers)
    Twin-engine helicopter Agusta A109E
    Twin-engine helicopter Agusta A109E

    About Flapper

    Flapper is Brazil’s first executive boutique airline and regional chartered flight leader. Our fleet of partners has 212 aircraft in Brazil and more than 4000 overseas. We are known for our passion for excellence and technological innovation. It’s our pleasure to serve you.

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