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    Aircraft Charter / Cargo Charter: Boeing 787-9

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    Boeing Dreamliner brings corporate airliner charters to a new level. Innovative in every detail, the 787 introduces the following improvements comparing to its predecessors: (1) Larger lower deck cargo compartments, (2) Up to 850km longer range. Advanced stabilization systems allow for less turbulences comparing to older generation models. 

    This passenger – cargo variant offers a total of 70 m³ (2372 ft³) of space (13m³ more than 787-8 model). The maximum cargo weight is 60395 kg (up to 16220 kg more comparing to 787-8). Forward compartment boasts a space for 20 containers, while aft compartment – for up to 16 containers. A smaller bulk load compartment is also available. Various types of cargo can be carried including medical supplies, FMCG goods and electronic equipment.

    787-9 Specifications

    Fleet in LATAM:25
    Cargo load:60.395 kg
    Cargo volume:70 m³
    Hourly cost:USD 10.000 – USD 20.000
    Total max ULD:36 containers / 11 pallets
    Door dimensions FWD:269cm x 170 cm
    Door dimensions AFT:269cm x 170 cm
    Door dimensions Bulk:102cm x 114 cm
    Range:15200 km (international)

    787-9 Layouts

    787-9 Photos

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