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    Together with our commercial partners we actively invest in actions to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (covid-19). Extra measures were adopted to ensure safety of the travelers and other stakeholders of our sector.

    We previously pointed the fact that general aviation offers 20 to 30 times fewer opportunities for the spread of viruses. If there are up to 600 points of contact exposing passengers to the risk of contagion on a single commercial flight, there are only 20 such interactions when flying privately, mostly limited to their contact with drivers, the FBO workers and the crew.

    Disinfection and social distancing

    Disinfection and social distancing are the priority measures undertaken by Flapper and its partners. The interiors of all chartered aircraft are subject to extra hygiene procedures. An antiviral disinfectant is applied between each flight. Any items that cannot be cleaned are properly disposed of. An alcoholic hand disinfection gel is available for each passenger.

    Together with contracted air carriers, we monitor the health of their pilots and crew. The crew is directed to smaller hotels, while refueling processes are planned in advance. We limit passenger’s contact with lounge professionals, pilots and our own team. We select hangars that allow you to board faster and without contact with other people.

    Repatriation flights and cargo transportation

    In line with the increase in demand, Flapper integrated into its partner fleet additional options for long-range jets, with a focus on repatriation missions. An increase in requests for cargo transport between China and Brazil also pushed us to integrate commercial- and freighter aircraft, including models such as Boeing 747-400 ERF, Boeing 767 F, Boeing 767-300 ER, Boeing 787-9, among others.

    More to come

    We are now proud to offer a wide array of air charter options, ranging from executive flights, to ambulance flights, to air freighter services. We are confident that by diversifying our service portfolio and building an even more robust product, we are better prepared to deal with the uncertainties the current market represents. With an upcoming launch of Flapper’s membership model and the crowdsourcing solution, our disruptive technology is poised to occupy an important place in the global charter marketplace segment.

    About Flapper

    Flapper is Brazil’s first boutique private airline, and a regional leader in charter flights. Our partner fleet counts 350 ANAC-certified aircraft in Brazil and more than 4000 overseas. We excel at cargo transportation and ambulance flights as well!

    Our services:

    Gulfstream G650 interior

    Executive flights

    On-demand charter of jets, turbo-props and helicopters in Latin America.

    Charter Boeing 767-300 Freighter

    Cargo transport

    Charter flights and part-cargo of medical supplies and heavy materials.

    Flapper high-value air transport services

    Transport of high-value cargo

    Transport of banknotes, lottery tickets, jewelry, fine arts and others.

    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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