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    Without a doubt, NBAA-BACE is to the charter industry what Carnaval is to Brazilians. You might find this comparison a bit confusing, but that’s exactly how it feels – if you work in the business aviation industry, you just have to be there! We have Carnival – private flying has NBAA-BACE. Period. And this October in Las Vegas you will have a chance to learn more about both from the regional experts at Flapper.

    Reason #1. One day you might need a jet in South America

    Chances are that if you work in air charter, one day you’ll rent a jet or a helicopter in South America. As the largest economy in Latam, Brazil represents unique business opportunities and constitutes one of the world’s most sought after travel destinations.

    We are the largest on-demand charter marketplace in Brazil and the region’s first boutique private airline. With access to more than 440 certified airplanes and helicopters, we pride ourselves on providing the most complete private aviation offer in Brazil. We have marketing agreements for 14 aircraft and impeccable safety records.

    Lounge Flapper
    Lounge Flapper at Campo de Marte Airport

    Reason #2. One day we might need an aircraft in your region

    Brazil is home to more billionaires than all other Latin American countries combined. The prospering class of entrepreneurs combined with numerous structural factors contributed to the creation of the world’s second largest business aviation market.

    Our clients frequently ask for flights outside of our core locations in Latam, and that’s where your expertise as a charter broker or operator come into play. We like to know the people we work with, and if you own a fleet of helicopters or jets, or provide reliable brokerage services, we need to talk.

    Gulfstream G650 interior
    A Gulfstream G650 aircraft we chartered for our client during his trip to Europe.

    Reason #3. The industry has evolved. And we are one of the most innovative players out there!

    Our innovative pay-per-seat model allows you to fly on King Air aircraft for the price of a Premium Economy seat. We are proud to have built the industry’s most user-friendly technology and our stack includes:

    • Charter marketplace with live price quotations
    • Loyalty program for shared flights users
    • Online credit card processing, with payments in installments and an anti-fraud system

    More than 40% of our first-time clients have never flown private before. Want to know the secret? How about a quick espresso at our booth?

    Flapper tech stack
    Our mobile app already counts 130,000 users.

    Where to find us at NBAA-BACE

    We are at C8325d (Central Hall, First-time Exhibitors). Just access the link to interactive map prepared by NBAA: Map Your Show

    Flapper at NBAA location.

    WhatsApp contact: +5521971190066

    Our Services: Aircraft Charter

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