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    The restricted segment of business aviation has, within itself, an even more restricted market range: that of ultra-long range aircraft. This slice includes jets capable of flying stretches over 4 thousand miles (7.5 thousand km), with speed, comfort and a number of seats above the industry average. Among these powerful and luxurious machines, the Gulfstream family stands out. The American manufacturer’s range of long-range aircraft was born in the 1980s (the first Gulfstream heavy-jet jets were produced as early as 1959, under the Grumman brand) and, in a short time, became the darling of executives of large corporations.

    With a list of owners ranging from actor Tom Cruise to technology billionaire Elon Musk, one would imagine that owning a Gulfstream is not for everyone. And in fact it is not, since only the cost of acquisition of the new aircraft reaches US $ 60 million. Chartering Gulfstream models is, therefore, the ideal solution for those who want to get a taste of flying in one of the most exclusive jets in the industry without having to pay for the purchase and maintenance of the aircraft.

    With your hand on the flight yoke

    With extensive experience in long-haul flights in business aviation, we invite Commanders Jansen and Fernando Heluey for this text. They operate two of the most popular Gulfstreams on the market: the G450 and G550 – both available for charter on the Flapper platform.

    Jansen has 34 years of experience in aviation, 12 of them in the executive branch. The commander has his base in Rio de Janeiro, where he has worked for Helistar Táxi Aéreo for 9 years. Like his colleague, Heluey is also approaching 40 years of aviation. The commander works in the North American market, located in Fort Lauderdale, ahead of the Uno Aviation jets.

    Comfort in 1st place

    They both know that there are many reasons to choose to fly from Gulfstream. Comfort, however, seems to be unanimous. Operationally, Fernando Heluey points out that “the Gulfstream has two main characteristics: the passenger capacity, which passes the 14 seats, and the long range, serving from 4 to 6 thousand miles”. However, he points out that “the main thing the passenger is looking for is comfort and reliability”.

    Commander Jansen exemplifies with a type of daily operation in the industry: the use by big businessmen, “who need to arrive at their destinations well rested”. “Whoever is on board may be traveling to close an important deal. Gulfstream allows you to fly 14 hours and go straight to work, ”she explains.

    Made in USA

    The Gulfstream line also benefits from having North American DNA. “The United States has a lot of experience in the sector, because it has many entrepreneurs, who fly a lot and fly great distances”, continues Jansen, citing the fact that the country, with a fleet of more than 20 thousand jets, is the largest market in the world in the executive segment.

    Living this reality closely, Fernando Heluey reinforces his colleague’s opinion. For him, the fact that Gulfstream is a “local product” has its importance. “The market itself makes this distinction, a Gulfstream has a lot more output than a Falcon (Dassault, French), for example.” “The American himself is very nationalist, I think that weighs a lot,” he adds.

    In addition to identity, another factor that involves the birth of a project is its ultimate goal. Unlike some rivals, which were adapted from commercial aviation, Gulfstream’s family of ultra-long ranges was born with business aviation as its backbone. “Gulfstream details such as air quality and cabin pressurization only exist because the project, from the ground up, was designed to give this type of performance, so that the passenger could reach the destination well,” adds Jansen.

    Cutting edge service

    As it is inserted in an extremely expensive and exclusive niche, the Gulfstreams’ operation is not restricted to performance. Service is another important word in the segment and, as expected, the Gs act with mastery. “Mandatorily we have to fly with a well-trained flight attendant, it is essential”, says Heluey.

    The Uno Aviation commander lists the treats available to Gulfstream passengers. “The aircraft has all the amenities, from wi-fi, satellite internet, external cameras to entertainment,” he begins. In addition, “it has a galley complete with electric oven, microwave, refrigerator, a whole range of top-notch plates, cutlery and glasses”.

    Commander Jansen discusses the various layout configurations possible on the jet. “There are many, but most have a double bed at the rear of the aircraft. The area becomes a suite with a private toilet where you can even add a shower, ”she says. Armchairs at the front of the jet come together and, fitted with mattresses, serve as comfortable beds for other passengers.

    How and where to fly

    Used almost always for long journeys, the Gulfstreams are usually operated by two commanders. On flights to Europe, for example, Jansen reports sharing the role with another colleague, in addition to the company of a commissioner. Heluey, on the other hand, following American regulations for long flights, works with another commander, plus a copilot and the flight attendant.

    Like regulations, practices also change from country to country. On board the G450, Commander Jansen flies frequently to destinations in Latin America, in addition to direct routes to Miami and Lisbon. “For other destinations, I need to make a stop at the gas station (30 to 40 minutes) and then I can get anywhere in the United States and Europe,” he says.

    Fernando Heluey, in turn, varies between trips to Brazil, the Caribbean and Mexico, in addition to frequent operations towards Europe and Asia. A portrait of an aviation shattered by the covid-19 pandemic, the United States-based commander says that in recent months, opportunities to cross borders have been rare. “In our operation today, 70% of flights are domestic”, he says, highlighting trips from coast to coast.

    I want to charter

    On the Flapper mobile app, with just a few clicks, it is possible to simulate quotes for national and international flights aboard Gulfstreams. After choosing the airports of origin and destination, the user is presented with a list of offers. On this screen, the results can be filtered, thus selecting only the desired aircraft model – in this case, the Gulfstream line (models G150, G200, G280, G450 or Gulfstream IV, G500, G550 and G650ER).

    Gulfstreams available in Latin America and the Caribbean

    In our partner fleets we have several Gulfstreams models available, which can perfectly meet your needs according to the number of passengers and the chosen destination. Below you can check the aircraft:

    Gulfstream G150

    Gulfstream G200

    Gulfstream G280

    Gulfstream GIV-SP

    Gulfstream GIV

    Gulfstream G450

    Gulfstream G500

    Gulfstream G550

    Check out travel quotes mentioned in this text below:

    Rio de Janeiro (Galeão) – Lisbon

    • Model: Gulfstream IV (16 seats)
    • Flight time: 545 minutes
    • Value: R$ 1,034,778
    • Model: Gulfstream G550 (15 seats)
    • Flight time: 521 minutes
    • Value: R$ 1,064,772

    Fort Lauderdale – São Paulo (Guarulhos)

    • Model: Gulfstream IV (16 seats)
    • Flight time: 466 minutes
    • Value: R$ 711,408
    • Model: Gulfstream G550 (16 seats)
    • Flight time: 490 minutes
    • Value: R$ 902,093

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